INTERVIEW by Jena: Anne Rice, Author of The Wolf Gift and the Vampire Chronicles (@AnneRiceAuthor)

Wow. I am still in an utter state of awe to even be posting this right now…. For years, as long as I can remember really, I have been completely enamored with a series of books. This series is solely responsible for my deep affection for vampire fiction. It’s also probably most responsible for my harsh view on what is and what isn’t “good” vampire fiction. From the very first moment I met Lestat and Louis in Interview With a Vampire, I was in love. Since that day, they are the vampires that all other vampires strive to live up to in my eyes. The author spun a tale like nothing anyone had ever seen before. One of romance and monstrosity. One of extreme love and loss. Now she’s shifting her gaze from one creature of the night to another, bringing us the dreamy-eyed Rueben and The Wolf Gift. As a reader, I couldn’t possibly be a bigger fangirl. As a writer, she is IT – my hero. Ladies and gentlemen, Anne Rice.

Broadway Opening Of "Lestat" - After Party

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GIVEAWAY: @PureTextuality Is Giving Away a Kindle!!

Yes, you read that correctly.  I am going to give away a Kindle.  Let me start out and give you a little back story on why……


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NEWS: Anne Rice on Sparkly Vampires, ‘Twilight,’ ‘True Blood,’ and Werewolves

I almost died when I saw this interview!  I am a very big Anne Rice fan and ever since I read the Twilight series and the Southern Vampire Mysteries, I have wondered what Anne Rice, the queen of vampire novels, would think of their cuddly vampire leads.  Read on to find out how she feels!  *wink wink*


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