NEWS: A Thanksgiving Treat

Thanksgiving is about being thankful for that which you have.  I have a lot to be thankful for.   I have a beautiful family – including my husband, my almost 11 year old daughter my 2 year old son (who I wasn’t sure I’d ever get blessed with).    We are all healthy, fed and have a roof over our head.  To top off the basics that I am thankful for, I have a family of gadget junkies and I am far from an exception.  I am about to say the type of thing we are not supposed to say because it’s materialistic – I am thankful for my Kindle.  My Kindle has allowed me to get back into reading – something that I have always loved but just haven’t had enough time for it . . . .until I got my Kindle.  It’s no secret here in Pure Textuality how much I love my little eReading device.  As a little Thanksgiving treat, I thought I would share these great  recipe Kindle books and every single one of them is FREE!

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