RANDOMS by @Fidget78: Get Yourself A Kindlegraph! (@kindlegraph)

I know I am technologically challenged and I accept this but am frustrated by it.  Most of the time I stumble upon new things accidentally.  I was way behind on the pinterest craze and had to have lessons from my sister-in-law.  By no means am I addicted but I enjoy it well enough.  I love most of my little gadgets but they are probably not being used to their full capacity.  I have my iPhone, my 2 Kindles and a desktop computer.  I know, everyone has a laptop but I’d never move off the couch if I had a laptop; besides between the Kindle Fire and my iPhone, I don’t have to actually get on the computer unless I want some true speed and need the exercise.


Yes, there’s a point to all this.  When I do accidentally come across new things, I like to share (and if you already know about the neat things I find, just humor me please ; ‘ )


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RANDOMS: The New Kindle Makes For Beautiful Scenery

I recently got to play with the new Kindle ($79 with special offers from Amazon).  One of my favorite things about my Kindle 3rd Gen (aka Kindle Keyboard) is the “screen saver” images that show up when you turn it off.  I was pleasantly surprised with the new Kindle line when I saw the images that were included.  As much as I love the images that are included on mine, they are more geared towards paying homage to literary heroes.  I feel that the new Kindle images really kind of pay homage to the writers themselves and the beauty in creating a piece of literature.  These are a few of my favorites that came up.

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