GIVEAWAY: Update On The Kindle Touch…I Mean Fire Giveaway

I am sad to report that December 31st came and went without hitting the 500 subscribers.  I was really hoping to see the Kindle Touch go off to its new home chock full o’ Anne Rice goodness but alas, we did not reach our goal in time.  To date, Pure Textuality is at 102 subscribers.  So……it’s time to up the ante……

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NEWS: Early X-mas Present From Amazon – New Kindles Ship Early!

If you have been chomping at the bit waiting for the day that your new Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch or Kindle Touch 3G arrives, the wait is over!  Amazon announced this morning that the Kindle Fire has started shipping today (one day ahead of schedule) and the Kindle Touch and Touch 3G will start shipping tomorrow (six days ahead of schedule). 


Haven’t order yours yet???  Well, what are you waiting for??  Click here to order yours today in the Pure Textuality Store!