NEWS: Free Kindle Books of the Week


I know, I know.  It’s for for-freaking-ever since I put one of these up but things have been so busy with everything else on the site that I just haven’t had the chance.  Well, I figured today would be a great day to highlight some of the titles that look like good reads on Amazon’s Kindle Store.  Without further ado…


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NEWS: Free Kindle Books Of The Week

It’s that time again.  I got a few different kinds of books this week.  However, the free romance selections didn’t have anything that really grabbed me this time.  I promise to keep looking though.  🙂  Now, let’s get on with this week’s selections!  I found some pretty juicy ones!

Amber Magic
Haven Series Book 1
By B.V. Larsen
Sci-Fi / Fantasy

I am not sure when his post went up but the author posted on his site that this book is free on Amazon for 5 days only so go get it asap. 

The humans have no magic and are hunted for sport, but that is about to change. War is coming….

The Sun Dragon spawned nine lesser dragons which devoured their parent for the power the elder possessed. These young dragons fought for choice bits of the Sun Dragon, but each only managed to eat a portion, thus giving them specific powers. Over time, these foul dragons were hunted down and slain by heroes of old. When each body rotted away, nothing remained save for nine Jewels–each the lens of a dragon’s left eye. These Nine Eyes, or Jewels, form the basis for all magic in the world.

The Haven Series is a fantasy epic about the Nine Jewels of Power, each of which represents a different form of magic. The Red Jewel, known as Sang, gives the wielder power over Blood Magic. The Blue, named Lavatis, can call the Rainbow and rules the Sky.

Amber Magic is a short introductory book in this epic series of fantasy novels by bestselling author B. V. Larson.

Click here to get your copy of Amber Magic from!

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NEWS: A Free Holiday Gift From Penguin Group (@penguinusa)

With the holidays here, and eReader sales booming, the folks at Penguin Books have decided to give everyone a little gift to help jump start their eLibrary.  The Peguin Holiday eSampler.  This sampler package contains excerpts from 42 of their authors – including “bestsellers, perennial favorites and award winners.”

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NEWS: Free Kindle Books Of The Week

Here are this week’s free Kindle books of the week!  I threw in a couple romantic comedies this time.  🙂  Check them out!

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NEWS: A Thanksgiving Treat

Thanksgiving is about being thankful for that which you have.  I have a lot to be thankful for.   I have a beautiful family – including my husband, my almost 11 year old daughter my 2 year old son (who I wasn’t sure I’d ever get blessed with).    We are all healthy, fed and have a roof over our head.  To top off the basics that I am thankful for, I have a family of gadget junkies and I am far from an exception.  I am about to say the type of thing we are not supposed to say because it’s materialistic – I am thankful for my Kindle.  My Kindle has allowed me to get back into reading – something that I have always loved but just haven’t had enough time for it . . . .until I got my Kindle.  It’s no secret here in Pure Textuality how much I love my little eReading device.  As a little Thanksgiving treat, I thought I would share these great  recipe Kindle books and every single one of them is FREE!

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