RANDOMS: Legacy of Moon and Fire, Skyfall Trilogy #2 Cover Released!

Author Matt Larkin sent me an e-mail this weekend to let me know that the final cover art for the second installment in the Skyfall trilogy is ready!  The expected release date isn’t until this September but Matt was nice enough to share the cover with us!

Children of the Sun and Moon, the first installment in the Skyfall trilogy, got a rave review from our very own Ginny Lurcock.  You can click here to read her spectacular assessment of the book!


GIVEAWAY by @GinnyLurcock: Win a Kindle Copy of Children of the Sun by Matt Larkin

The first book in a new epic fantasy trilogy will be given away in this post.  I promise.  You can skip my rambling and go right to the end… if you really want…

Have you ever read one of those books that just takes you by the hand, leads you into a magic forest, through an enchanted glen, right up to a cliff where the stars are so large you feel like you could almost touch them… and then pushed off the edge and cackles as you plummet into water so cold it steals your breath?*  You breach the surface spluttering and know that you’ll never be the same.  That this journey will be with you forever.  Well that, my friends, is “Children of Sun and Moon.”  Except instead of that forest analogy there’s a city under the water, Asian flare, mythology, magically enhanced warriors, and a whole lot of ocean.

Oh and weretigers, there’s also weretigers.

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