NEWS: Author of ‘Twilight’ Series Speaks About Her Experiences With Books, Films

In less than a decade, Stephenie Meyer has been transformed from a stay-at-home mom with a vivid dream-fueled idea for a novel to the creator of a full-fledged pop culture phenomenon.

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NEWS: No More Vampy Goodness for Stephenie Meyer

I dont normally offer my opinion up when it comes to stories like this but I just couldn’t resist.  First off, I’d like to start by saying that I understand that the following article (courtesy of International Business Times) is a hodge-podge of a few different press pieces.  I understand that they are strung together to appear as though they were one interview and they most certainly were not.  Secondly, I have nothing against the Twilight books.  If you know me, you are fully aware that I am a Twihard that picks the movies apart because they are just *sad* by comparison to the books.  When reading the books, you don’t have to deal with a handful of HORRIBLE actors ruining good characters.  The characters are deep and have intelligent brains and there is SOOOOOOOO much more to the story lines on the page.  Read the article (it’s a quickie) and then my comments are down below.   

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RANDOMS: When Movies Get In The Way of Artistic Vision

“Never judge a book by its cover” has been a life lesson we are all taught from a very young age.  The importance being that something that may not have the flashiest outsides but could very well be amazing on the inside.  When put in a literal sense, this little adage could not be truer.  I have read a good number of books that had horrible covers.  They were not artistically appealing at all and seemed to have nothing to do with the content of the book.  Nonetheless, they were incredible stories.   This morning I was surfing on the Huffington Post and saw this great article on pet peeves regarding books.  One of the points in the post was regarding book covers redone to incorporate movies when they are adapted to film.  This got me thinking about all of the times that I have gone out to buy a book and how I would get mildly frustrated when all I could find was the book with the movie-based cover.  Being a book collector, I like to have the original.  I have always felt that the author chose the artist rendition that they did for a reason. 

One example that I particularly can’t stand is the entire Twilight series.  Stephenie Meyer has a great story behind the symbolism regarding the covers that she originally released.  Each book cover was simple, elegant, sexy and classy all in one.  They had a deeper meaning than just the picture. 

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