RANDOMS: We have new blood!!! Welcome to our newest book blogger, @RedRabbitLinda!!!

Good afternoon, everyone! Please join me in giving a warm welcome to the newest member of the Pure Textuality family, RedRabbitLinda!



I’m known as RedRabbitLinda. Born in Tucson, Arizona, raised in upstate New York.  I have been an avid reader since my first introduction to Dick and Jane.  I am never without a book on my person. You never know when I can sneak in a moment to read!

My preferred categories of books are Science Fiction, Horror, Mystery/Suspense.  However if I am caught without a book, horror of all horrors, I will read anything.  

My love affair with Science Fiction began with C. S.Lewis’s Perelandra, Space Trilogy.  I read it so many decades ago, I can’t even remember what the books were about, other than space and the planet Perelandra. However, I can clearly remember staying up all night reading,  and the sadness once I read the last word of the trilogy, knowing it was over………

I started reading Horror when I was 14. I was in the hospital for an extended stay.  I had run out of books to read and a nurse handed me Salem’s Lot by Stephen King.  I remember being terrified because I could hear Vampires scratching on the window of my room. Begging me to let them in. Heart pounding!!!! I love it!!!!

My obsession with Mysteries/Suspense was a gift from my mother who would bring me paper grocery bags filled to the brim with fabulous engrossing books, every time she visited. Her taste was impeccable and eclectic. Everything from Dick Francis to Elmore Leonard.  My mother had some kind of strange homing device that would lead to the next fabulous author.

I live in New Hampshire in the middle of nowhere. I have two grown sons who are fabulous. My wonderful husband is the best, we have an old smelly Lab who is the sweetest dog ever born. My life is charmed.


RANDOMS: We have fresh blood! Welcome to our newest reviewer/book blogger, Katie!!! (@idontwearahat)

Good afternoon, everyone! Please join me in giving a warm welcome to the newest member of the Pure Textuality family, Katie!

Katie Finished


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PSX_20151226_205809Hey.  I’m Katie. I’m a romantic, loyal Leo and I have my fair share of daily blonde moments.  I like to travel, laugh, love, write and watch Cary Grant films. Oh and read. I’m very curious/nosy and books feed my need for knowledge. I love to read and, unlike with my food, I’m not fussy. I will read anything. I have read poetry,  Elvis biographies,  The Faraway Tree, Jack Kerouac,  The Dice Man, Harry Potter, Agatha Christie,  Doctor Who novels, and Stephen King.  The only book(s) I’ve quit reading are those of Charles Dickens and my favourite book is Alice in Wonderland.

RANDOMS: We have new blood!!! Welcome to our newest book blogger, Ian!!!

Good morning, everyone! Please join me in giving a warm welcome to the newest member of the Pure Textuality family, Ian!

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Hello Readers! My name is Ian and I am a conservation biologist, freelance photographer, and writer with a passion for amazing and unique storytelling. It has been said “A reader lives a thousand lives”, by George R.R. Martin in A Dance with Dragons, and I intend to live every single one of those lives to the fullest. I enjoy reading pretty much any genre as long as it is a well told story, but I tend to focus on fantasy and science fiction. Another of my favorite types of books is the anthology, I love seeing collected short works of individuals or of many different people following a theme.

One of my favorite things to do is travel, don’t worry I always have several books with me. I love to hike and enjoy natural settings as much as possible. There is something truly magical about sitting quietly in nature observing the world pass around you and finally taking the opportunity to see and hear what one would have missed if still moving at a rapid pace as so many do.

I look forward on going on this journey with you all and I hope you all have as much fun on it as I do!

RANDOMS by Jena: James Patterson is a marketing mastermind – pre-releases self-destructing book!

Seriously, as if this man wasn’t awesome enough, he goes and pulls this little stunt. His upcoming release Private Vegas (hitting bookshelves and ereaders on January 26th) is being pre-released.

But there’s a catch.

The frikkin book self-destructs.

Yeah, you read that right.

1-22-2015 9-56-01 AM

1000 lucky iPad-owning fans (the ONE TIME I wish I owned an iPad!) will receive a code to download a free copy of Private Vegas over the next five days. They have 24 hours to read it. After that, it disappears from their device. There is an interactive online map which also shows readers real-time progress on the book.

Now, if you don’t own an iPad, fret not. For a mere $294,038, you can get a PHYSICAL copy of the book……which ALSO self-destructs….

Keep reading. Trust me, you want to keep reading this. I am sitting here shaking my head in astonishment as I type…


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RANDOMS: Time to close the book on the Nook?

For both authors and readers, I thought this article might give you some good insight into where to put your money spent on ereaders (readers) and where to focus your marketing (authors). – Jena


By Sean Portnoy for Laptops & Desktops
January 12, 2015 — 02:20 GMT (18:20 PST)
Compliments of the fine folks at zdnet.com.

Like a bad novel that you’re required to finish for a class, the story of Nook’s decline feels like it will never end. The tablet that Barnes & Noble launched to take on Apple, Amazon, and other competitors has been a drag on the bookseller for some time, leading it to halt its hardware production and forge partnerships with the likes of Samsung to created Nook-branded tablets.

None of this has helped, however, as Microsoft ended its deal with Nook last month, and it was a less-than-merry Christmas for the e-reading platform, with revenue down 55 percent from the same holiday sales period as 2013. That dragged down parent company Barnes & Noble, which otherwise saw a sales increase from the previous year.

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