GIVEAWAY: Win a signed paperback copy of Apples of Idunn (Ragnarok Era #1) by Matt Larkin (@MattALarkin)

apples-of-idunnRevenge. Temptation. Destiny.

Odin is responsible for keeping his small tribe alive. Between the harsh winters and a landscape dominated by massive creatures, this is no small task. After his father is murdered by a jotunn, Odin shifts his focus to finding the giant and avenging his father’s death. When a mysterious stranger named Loki promises to guide him to the monster’s lair, Odin finds that his quest for vengeance is just the beginning …

A mysterious goddess takes notice of the quest and offers Odin a dangerous bargain: she will make him immortal in return for an untold favor in the future. When his brother is put in mortal danger, Odin reconsiders the godly offer. If the warrior chooses immortality, will he be able to live with the cost for the rest of eternity?

The Apples of Idunn is a captivating historical fantasy novel shaped by Norse mythology. If you like glorious quests, incredible magic, and tragic mythology, then you’ll love the first book in Matt Larkin’s Ragnarok Era series.





About the Book

Apples of Idunn
by Matt Larkin

Ragnarok Era #1

Epic Fantasy
Norse Mythology

Incandescent Phoenix Books

Publication Date
March 2, 2017

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The Giveaway

ragnarok-1-0-apples-of-idunn-paperback-rightWant to win a signed paperback copy of The Apples of Idunn??

Well, author Matt Larkin is giving one away!

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Giveaway ends March 1, 2017 @ 12:00am EST.  


About the Ragnarok Era

DARKNESS FORGED, A Ragnarok Era Prequel

darkness-forgedThe greatest crafts on Midgard come from the dvergar realm of Nidavellir. Volund, a gifted smith and once apprentice to the dvergar, escaped their dark realm to find solace in the arms of a valkyrie.

Nine years of respite.

And then she was gone.

Volund will do anything to get her back. But his reputation precedes him, and a cruel king knows the weapons Volund forges can win his wars. Imprisoned in the king’s forge, Volund’s only hope to escape is to find his wife. If he can’t, more than the forge’s darkness will overtake him.

Darkness Forged isn’t for sale. Anywhere. This Ragnarok Era prequel will be exclusive to members of the Eschaton Reader’s Group.  Join the group!



THE MISTS OF NIFLHEIM, Ragnarok Era Book Two


mists-of-niflheimThe mists are death. And the mists are everywhere.

For nearly five thousand years the mists of Niflheim have enveloped Midgard. And in those mists the chosen of Hel–the Niflungar–flourish while the rest of mankind hides behind the fragile protection of flames. But Odin has slain the Niflungar prince and rejected their princess Gudrun, and now their sorceress queen has sent armies of trolls and draugar to destroy the Aesir.

Despite Odin’s rejection, Gudrun cannot deny her heart longs for the Aesir King, but neither can she refuse her mother’s command to hunt him down. She’ll do everything in her power to find Odin and make him hers–even if it means killing his wife. And if Gudrun cannot win Odin back, she won’t stop her mother from turning all the unholy power of Hel against the Aesir.

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About Matt Larkin

Matt Larkin is an American fantasy and science fiction author. He lives in Florida with his wife Juhi and daughter Kiran. With a background in philosophy and publishing, Matt started a small press dedicated to top notch speculative fiction. He adores mythology and history, passions he conveys through his mythic fantasy novels. His works include the Skyfall Era, the Ragnarok Era, the Worldsea Era, and Sins of Angels.

Matt’s Links

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