SPOTLIGHT: The Road Cain Walks (The Long Way #1) by Matt Kilby (@Gradyperlson)

The Road Cain Walks (The Long Way #1) by Matt KilbyOn Sunday, the town of Pine Haven, North Carolina woke in a world that made sense, in a place that hadn’t seen a murder in decades. Few had heard of Grady Perlson or the thing inside him. Fewer knew the blood-soaked road that brought him to that basement cell at Starks County Prison. On Monday, everything would change.

The Road Cain Walks is a horror novel that takes place over a week in what used to be a peaceful, small Southern town. At the heart of the terrible things that happen there is one man, a prisoner named Grady Perlson whose story is as tragic as the events that unfold outside the prison. Worse is what comes when those two roads meet.



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The Road Cain Walks
by Matt Kilby

The Long Way #1



Publication Date
February 25, 2016

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About Matt Kilby
Matt KilbyMatt Kilby lives in North Carolina, where he continues to write and reads anything he can get his hands on. Though he cut his teeth on the horror genre, he’s not picky and enjoys a good story in whatever form it comes. When he’s not writing, he works as a freelance copyeditor for medical publications and a stay-at-home dad trying his best not to spoil (or ruin) his 3-year-old daughter. His first novel, The Road Cain Walks, begins a series that will span multiple genres and themes and lead its readers down paths they have likely never traveled before.

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