TOUR SPOTLIGHT: Second Life (Second #2) by Emily Reese (@writerreese)

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Second LifeShe thought her trials were over…

When she ended the Second Life of the serial killer turned vampire responsible for her own transformation, Claire assumed she’d be able to move on with her life. The “man” was a literal monster, and the world would be better off without him.

If only the rest of her world shared that opinion.

With the help of new allies Claire must race against the clock to prove her acts justifiable… or risk following her tormentor to the grave. And as for Mike, whose rescue was the catalyst for her current troubles, what kind of life will he awaken to? And will he ever forgive her for her actions that night?

In the thrilling sequel to Second Death, the story of Claire Wallace and Mike Monroe continues to unfold, immersing readers in the complex and often brutal world of the supernatural. A world that exists all around us.


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Second Life
by Emily Resse

Second Series #2

Paranormal Romance
Urban Fantasy


Publication Date
March 1, 2016

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Reg. Kindle Prince $5.99



The Second Series

Second Death  Second Life


About Emily Reese

Emily ReesecEmily Reese has a degree in Communications and uses it to wordlessly command her pug and two cats to ceaselessly torment her exasperated husband. Their 5-year-old daughter tends to observe this with an amusement bordering on the psychotic. Their newborn daughter does not seem overly concerned by any of it. She finds joy in the little things: sniffing babies heads, watching tiny goats jump like idiots, the creative power of Junior Mints, and words such as topiary and El Camino. She resides near Ft. Worth, Texas and wishes it wasn’t so hot. Second Death, her first novel, will be published February 2015 by Robyn Lane books.

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