RANDOMS: We have new blood!!! Welcome to our newest book blogger, Ian!!!

Good morning, everyone! Please join me in giving a warm welcome to the newest member of the Pure Textuality family, Ian!

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Hello Readers! My name is Ian and I am a conservation biologist, freelance photographer, and writer with a passion for amazing and unique storytelling. It has been said “A reader lives a thousand lives”, by George R.R. Martin in A Dance with Dragons, and I intend to live every single one of those lives to the fullest. I enjoy reading pretty much any genre as long as it is a well told story, but I tend to focus on fantasy and science fiction. Another of my favorite types of books is the anthology, I love seeing collected short works of individuals or of many different people following a theme.

One of my favorite things to do is travel, don’t worry I always have several books with me. I love to hike and enjoy natural settings as much as possible. There is something truly magical about sitting quietly in nature observing the world pass around you and finally taking the opportunity to see and hear what one would have missed if still moving at a rapid pace as so many do.

I look forward on going on this journey with you all and I hope you all have as much fun on it as I do!


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