BLOG TOUR SPOTLIGHT: Colour My Ugly by A Giannoccaro (@colourmyugly)

71RsdDpq5HL._SL1000_A dark tale of love, pain and ultimately, sacrifice.

Rowan was born to be a murderer, trained to do nothing but kill. He spends his days hidden in plain sight waiting for the next life he gets to snuff out.

When the name that crosses his desk of death is one that he cannot possibly kill, he makes a decision that will alter the course of both their lives forever.

Lauri has been dying at the hand of her husband for eight long years, his lust for revenge and need for her suffering have finally ended he wants her dead. Her body is broken, scarred and ugly, but it’s her heart and mind that are beyond repair.

When she wakes up dead her whole world changes and she can finally begin living.
Will Rowan colour the ugly out of her life and can she do the same for him? Some people are simply not good but they can be good for each other.

“Our skin is clothing enough to cover what we hide inside.”

Colour My Ugly
by A Giannoccaro

Colour #1

Dark Romance

Partridge Publishing Africa

Publication Date:
October 11, 2014


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I live in South Africa with my husband, two daughters, five dogs, two meerkats and a parrot. I love to read and my kindle(s) are my favourite gadget. Colour My Ugly is my first book but there are so many more to come.

I am a coffee addict and I hate purple sweets. I love to write next to an open window.

I am inspired by everything around me and I love to people watch wherever I go.

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