EBOOK DEAL ALERT: Templar Chronicles Omnibus: Vol. 1-3 by Joseph Nassise (@jnassise)

911+92xvNaL._SL1500_This digital box set contains the first three books in the Templar Chronicles series by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Joseph Nassise. More than 700 pages of high-octane action and supernatural thrills!

BOOK ONE – THE HERETIC – Knight Commander Cade Williams and the men of the Echo Team are the best the Vatican has to offer when it comes to protecting mankind from supernatural threats and enemies. But when the Templar Order itself comes under attack from a cabal of necromancers intent on seizing an ancient artifact for their own nefarious purposes, will the skills of Echo Team’s fearless leader, the man some call the Heretic, be enough to stop the slaughter?

BOOK TWO – A SCREAM OF ANGELS – When injured and badly dehydrated Catholic priest wanders out of the New Mexican desert, telling a wild story about a secret research installation and bloodthirsty demons hunting men through the halls, it is the men of the Echo Team who are called into investigate. Their mission – infiltrate the facility, determine exactly what happened there, and deal with any infernal presence that might exist.

BOOK THREE – A TEAR IN THE SKY – When Knight Commander Cade Williams discovers that his wife, Gabrielle, is not truly dead, but held in some kind of arcane stasis between the lands of the living and the lands of the dead, he vows that nothing will stop him from freeing her soul from the prison surrounding her. But his vow is tested right from the start when an old friend calls on him to help protect the city of Boston from the ancient scourge that threatens to destroy it, leaving Cade with a heart-breaking choice: Do his duty and save the innocent lives he has sworn to protect or forsake them all in order to rescue the one for whom he would brave the walls of hell itself?  

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Templar Chronicles Omnibus: Vol. 1-3
by Joseph Nassise

Templar Chronicles #1-3

Urban Fantasy

Harbinger Books

Publication Date:
May 31, 2014



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31FlpZlCa4L._UX250_Joseph Nassise is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than a twenty-five novels, including the Templar Chronicles series, the Jeremiah Hunt trilogy, and the Great Undead War series. He has also written several books in the Rogue Angel action/adventure series from Gold Eagle. He is a former president of the Horror Writers Association, the world’s largest organization of professional horror writers, and a multiple Bram Stoker Award and International Horror Guild Award nominee.

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