RANDOMS: Best Booklover Gifts


Although Christmas is just a few days away now, it’s never too late to grab a gift for your favorite book lover. Since it’s been a while since I’ve done a Randoms post, I figured this would be a great opportunity to share some of the fun gift ideas and fantastic deals I have come across this holiday season!


Before I get started, I do want to note that none of the links provided in this post are affiliate links. We aren’t making any money off of this post. Everyone seems to be all twitchy about it these days, so, I figured I would throw that out there.


First up is the most obvious: a new ereader. I personally love the Kindle line. I know everyone has their preferences, but I have now owned five different types of Kindles and I dont think you will ever find me with a different brand in my hand. They’re durable, Amazon’s customer service is wonderful, and, especially at this time of year, you can get a great deal on them! As of right now, their prices are as follows:

Kindle Paperwhite – $119 $99
Kindle – $79 $59
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ – $429 $299
Kindle Fire HDX 7″ – $239 $179
Kindle Fire HD 7″ – $139 $114
Kindle Fire HD 6″ – $99 <–NEW

All of these and more can be found at Kindle.com.



Seriously? Could you imaging a more comfy place to kick back and read??? This bad mammajamma is called the Cozy Sac. It’s 7 feet of bean bag chair goodness. Yes, please! These things are so popular, they are currently sold out of all but the 6-foot zebra print design ($249.00; CozySac.com), but this would be a great Amazon wish list item to watch for during the post-holiday sales!




Oh, you better believe this bad Larry has my name written aaaaaaalllllll over it.  This is a massaging bed red chair from the daffy bastards at Brookstone.  It’s got a massager built in to the back piece, a pocket on the side for remotes (or an ereader!!!), a cup holder, and even a reading light on an adjustable arm.  The price isn’t too shocking either coming in at a mere $99.99 (Brookstone.com).




This is a super-cute idea and I am totally not ashamed to admit that I stole it from Nerdist.com’s post HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2014: BOOK LOVERS EDITION.  This is a personalized library embosser.  How many of you would commit criminal acts to have this sitting on your library desk???  Don’t lie…..  I personally think it’s a bit of a steal for only $26.00 (Horchow.com).



library Kit

Now, if you’re anything like me, you don’t normally lend books.  The reason I don’t lend books is a) I am petrified of people ruining my collection, and b) I’m scare of never getting my books back.  Well, this might be a solution to that.  You can get the booklover in your family, or for you if you have no shame and aren’t trying to disguise your personal shopping as gifts for others *shifty eyes*, their own personal library kit.  It’s kind of a fun idea and is only $25.00 (Amazon.com) after shipping.  This may also be a great idea for shared libraries in an office setting!




This is one that I love, but I would never in a million years purchase.  It’s a beautiful idea, though, so I wanted to share.  This is the BookBook by TwelveSouth.  The BookBook is a cover which looks like a classic leather-bound book and they are made exclusively for the Mac Book line of Apple laptops.  Like everything else associated with Apple (#TeamDroid REPRESENT!), the product (in my opinion) is grossly overpriced at $79.99 (TwelveSouth.com). However, with the right materials and the guts to chop up an old tome, you could probably make one for your laptop for the budget-friendly price of about $15.00.




This is one of the most original ideas I have every seen but also something totally common.  Over on Etsy, there are several Vintage Book of the Month clubs.  They range in price and book era.  The picture shown above is from MintBerry Studio.  For a one-year subscription, it’s only $90.00 + $40.00 for shipping.  Each month, the subscriber will receive a book pre-dating 1975 (beware:  one part of this page says vintage 1800’s).  The $40.00 shipping covers the shipping for the whole year.  The books are carefully wrapped in plastic to avoid water damage during shipping.

Here are a few more to choose from:

JVoyage Vintage Book of the Month Club

CrookedHouse Books Vintage Book of the Month Club

Ms. Jeanie Ology Vintage Book of the Month Club




This is a fun idea.  I actually have a chalkboard mug similar to this at my desk at work from a marketing campaign we ran.  Mine tends to end up with inappropriate messages scrawled on it.  Like I said, they’re a *fun* gift idea, especially for those of us with the mental maturity of a 15 year old boy.  $7.95 from Upstart.



wine charms 2

These wine glass charms are adorable!  They would actually be really easy to make, but the price isn’t horrible to get a professionally finished product.  $15.00 on Amazon.




Of course, the old stand-by.  You can never go wrong getting your loved one a gift card.  I recently discovered BookOutlet.com, a place whose motto boasts

“Read-iculousy Low Prices”

and they’re not wrong.  You can get upwards of 77% off hardcover prices on there.  Although their catalog of available titles is far from huge, the prices are definitely worth a look.



That’s is for this holiday season’s list.  What cool booklover-type gifts have you found this shopping season????  Leave a comment – links welcome!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas or whatever you happen to observe!  Talk to you all soon!!!





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