RANDOMS: The Future of Pure Textuality…

Greetings, humans!  Jena here!

I wanted to touch base with all of our fabulous readers out there to give you an idea about all the changes we have gone through recently here at Pure Textuality.


First, and probably most obvious, is the appearance.  When Pure Textuality was started, I only had a vague vision of what I wanted the look of the site to be.  As the years have passed, I have continuously tweaked and altered the look of the site, and I think I have finally settled on a look I like.  In the last few weeks, I have gone through and changed the entire site over to match the new “branding” and it’s finally done.


Another thing that has changed is our staff.  Due to life, careers, or just a general change in their path, we have had a few people exit.   Although I was sad to see them leave us, I am super-excited for them on their new paths.  Some of them will be making guest appearances here and there, but they are no longer part of the staff as a regular reviewer.  Those people are Matt, Ginny, Kendra, Dolly, and Beth.

With departures comes new additions!  We reached out to the Twitterverse and Facebookland this past week asking about who was interested in becoming a Pure Textuality reviewer and the response was overwhelming.  Out of the applicants, I chose five people to welcome to the team.  So far, the ones who have accepted are L.E., Jessilyn, and Abby.

L.E. is an author friend of mine with fabulous taste in men.  lol  She and I have started a weekly hashtag on Facebook devoted to the immaculate specimen of man who is James McAvoy and called it #mcavoymonday.  As a reader, L.E. has a serious jones for, and I quote, “alphas who are cool-headed and hot-blooded.”  She then goes on to say “No Alpha-holes.”  lol  I dig this chick so much, and I am stoked to have her on the team!

Another addition is someone I never thought I would see here, and, for the record, either did she.  Jessilyn is my best friend, my hetero soulmate, my #rideordiebitch.  lol  She and I have known each other for YEARS and she’s been one of my faithful cheerleaders on my publishing journey.  Last month, Pure Textuality Public Relations hosted a multi-author book signing in Manchester, New Hampshire called the Queen City Author Event.  Jessilyn attended with me as my PA and extra set of hands to run the signing (I was a signing author there and having her there was a blessing from the stars).  She instantly fell in love with the vibe of the room and started talking about book blogging.  We chatted about it, and in the end, I invited her to join Pure Textuality to give it a shot.  I am BEYOND ecstatic to have her as part of the team!  🙂

Abby is the only one I don’t know outside of the Pure Textuality blogger application.  She’s a newbie to me,  but everyone is super-excited to welcome her to the team!


MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
While working out a few design kinks yesterday, I got thinking back to when I first brought staff into Pure Textuality, and thought about how big the team was then.  At one point, we had a team of TWENTY-ONE reviewers.  At the time, it was VERY difficult to juggle the schedule and getting things posted with my day job.  BUT NOW!  Now, I am working a job that allows me 8 PAID hours per day to work on whatever I need to – blogging, writing, staring at the wall……ANYTHING.  So, since I have the time to invest in a CRAZY hectic schedule with Pure Textuality, I am going balls to the wall.  I have decided to open up TEN MORE BLOGGER POSITIONS.  If the three reviewers we have pending join on, that will give us a reviewer staff of twenty-five people.  That’s twenty-five unique voices.  That’s twenty-five people to help me field the 500+ review requests we get every month.  Depending on how it works out, I may very well expand further.  We shall see…..

If you are interested in joining Pure Textuality
as a reviewer, click here for details!

As a side note, we could REALLY use some testosterone on the team, so, if you’re a dude and you love to read, don’t be shy about applying!


Along with the idea of the crazy hectic schedule, I have also decided to start jumping on a lot of blog tours again.  I had fun with it back in the day and I think it’s time to do it again.  Especially now that I have the time to post every morning.  So, be on the look out for lots more touring authors on Pure Textuality.


Oh gawd, that page is just a baron wasteland, yeah?  I know, I know.  I’ve never had time to do anything crazy with it.  We have a good amount of “likes” but not nearly as high as our email followers.  Well, that’s all about to change.  Part of my push to get Pure Textuality where I want it to be is I have a TON of author swag at my house just DYING to be given away, and I really think that the fanpage would be the most fun place to do that.  🙂  With the new staff comes some new admins on the Facebook page!  As of right now, it’s me, Jessilyn, and L.E. who will be serving as admins on there, but, I plan to add a few more as well.


This is an idea I have been toying with for quite some time and I am really excited to get it rolling!  I am going to start building a second blog here soon dedicated to the naughtier books out there and it’s going to be a no holds barred kind of thing.  That site will host all there is to be had for erotica and erotic romance.  Basically, it’s going to be Pure Textuality’s younger, much sluttier little sister.

Although I don’t read a ton of it personally, I would love to have a blog just dedicated to it where the readers can go, judgement free, and discuss their favorite dirty little books.  😉  I will get the site built, reach out to publishers to have them add it to their reviewer lists, recruit a handful of dirty birds for the review team, contact any erotica/erotic romance authors I can find to give them the heads up that we are there, and then launch.  I am hoping for a January 1st launch date, BUT, depending on how quickly the whole process goes, it may very well be sooner than that.  🙂 I am still toying with the name, so, I don’t have that yet, but it’ll be announced soon.


So, ladies and gents, that’s everything for right now.  This has been a BUSY year and I am looking forward to really pushing the boundaries.  🙂




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