RANDOMS: Some Ideas For Repurposing Books

I was going to do another post on art made out of books, but I decided to do a post about repurposing books instead. Although art is pretty, I tend to look for functionality. For most things, if it’s going to take up space in my house, I’d rather it serve some sort of purpose.

If any of you are like me, there’s a corner somewhere in your house just piled to the rafters with books you either intend to trade in at your local used book haunt, or you plan to give to friends who love books as much as you. My pile just keeps getting bigger, and thanks to my hectic schedule, I haven’t made it to the used book store to do trades in months.

I started poking around online for ideas and found some fantastic ones! I especially love the wireless router disguise! I think that’s adorable! I will totally be doing this in my own house at some point.

See anything you like? Click on the picture to be taken to the originating website. Any ideas you’ve seen that aren’t shown here? Share the links in the comments!

Jena Sig

WIRELESS ROUTER DISGUISEMy #1 pick of all the ideas!  This one actually came from a site with tons of different ideas for covering up or disguising things in a smaller living space.



Kindle Keeper
KINDLE KEEPERThis is a cute idea and super-easy to put together! The site doesn’t give instructions on how to build it, but I think it would be fairly simple based on the pics. I am assuming modge-podge for the internal pages, and as far as keeping the Kindle in place, this could easily be done with either double sided tape or craft store velcro strips with adhesive backing. Both options would be easily removed and cleaned if you decided to remove it from the case.


iphone charger (5)
IPHONE CHARGING DOCKI am not an iPhone person at all (Androids REPRESENT!!), but this is a stellar idea. This is also one you can either do yourself, or you can buy it for $55 from Rich Neeley Designs on Etsy. I have linked the pic to the DIY instructions for making your own. 😉


IPOD CHARGER HIDEAWAYOk, so I love this idea. However, the website this image came from does not give the steps for making it and I cant track down the original site to save my ass. That being said, the pics kind of make it self-explanatory. I have linked the pic to the site I originally found it on, but, as I said, there’s no instructions, so dont get mad at me. lol


BOOK STACK LAMPThis is another cute idea and one that would be really easy to make. Again, I am unable to find DIY instructions as this is a lamp someone has for sale. I found it on DIY Network (it’s #6 in their gallery). They basically said it’s a stack of books sandwiched together, wired, then topped off with a wire egg basket. Of course, you could follow all the same steps and use any type of top you’d like.


HARDCOVER BOOK LAMPThis one is actually found on a website for sale (and for $150, it could be yours), but it would be easy enough to make for around $20 from your local hobby shop. Just cut the hole for the light fixture (be sure to coat the inside of the hole with electrical tape for insulation) and cut a canal into the pages deep enough to run the cord out of the open end of the book. Follow the same steps to add the switch as shown, or you can get a cord that comes with a roller-wheel style light switch.


BOOK SPINE STORAGE BINThis would be great for filling up empty space in a book case and give yourself extra storage at the same time. You could also do just an entire book case filled with these boxes to “hide” something such as your linens or craft supplies. I was thinking these boxes with a deep-shelf book case from a place like IKEA would be perfect. These would be easy to make. You can either buy pre-made boxes or build them yourself, and the book spines are just cut down and hot-glued into place. Dont forget to recycle the scraps!


BOOK PAGE PENCIL HOLDERThis is another one I cant really find the DIY instructions for, but I am going to take a stab at it. Pages modge-podged together, holes drilled down through, aluminum tubing inserted for stability. Sounds legit to me. lol I think this is wicked cute and totally want it for my desk.


PHONE BOOK PENCIL HOLDERHere’s one we have full DIY instructions for! It’s definitely a cute idea. Although it’s not a book in the same way the rest of them are, I can tell you I still get several phone books every single year and I don’t crack a single one of them open. This would be a good alternative use for them. Plus, going by their instructions, you could get three of these holders out of one phone book.


BOOK PLANTERSOMG, I LOVE THIS!!!! Due to the animal population in my house, I cant have a lot of plants (the cats eat them), but this would be GREAT for growing my own catnip! Click on the pic for step-by-step DIY instructions.


FLASK STASH BOXThis is yet another one I dont have DIY instructions for as it is for sale on an Etsy site, but this is VERY easy to make with a razor knife. Just trace out the outline of the flask on the front page and cut down until you have enough cut out to handle the depth of the flask. This could also be done with any item, not just flasks.


BOOK PURSE OR CLUTCHThis is a cute one for the ladies. Click on the pic for full DIY instructions. The instruction are not for the purse and clutch pictured, but it gives you the basic idea of how to make them.


counter made from books
COUNTER OR DESK MADE FROM BOOKSOk, so this is a big one. If you were to do this, you would have to go into the project knowing that you are NEVER going to move this thing again. lol It’s books stacked in a staggered pattern in an overall wide U shape. The size of your pattern will be tailored to fit a door of your choosing (which will become the top of your desk or counter). As you’re stacking, do dots of hot glue on the books to hold them in place. Finish your door however you’d like (stain, poly with cool pictures underneath, etc) and put it on top. If it is a heavy door, no hot glue would be needed. Just set it in place. Et voila! You have a beautiful and very unique counter or desk. 🙂 The one pictured can be found at Brunswick Bound, a bookstore in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia. The link is not a DIY, but this is a super-easy one to figure out.


Well, that’s it, peeps!  Share your thoughts or book repurposing ideas in the comments!

Jena Sig




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