COVER REVEAL: Low Midnight (Kitty Norville #13) by Carrie Vaughn (@

Cover Reveal

Jena here! This is a series I started reading just last year, so I am a little excited about this! It’s urban fantasy with a healthy dose of humor. I love it! I found this on Carrie Vaughn’s website yesterday:

Here’s Cormac! Art by Craig White, who’s done all the Kitty covers and I’m really glad he’s doing this one, too. Low Midnight will be out in January 2015. Yes, I know it’s a long wait. There’ll be some sneak previews throughout the rest of the year, so stay tuned.

Something I feel needs to be said: Cormac and Kitty do not hook up in this book. The cover kind of makes it look like they might, but they do not. At this point, it will never happen, because in order for that to happen I’d pretty much have to destroy all the work I’ve done building up the existing characters and relationships. That just doesn’t sound appealing.

A word about the mustache: In the editorial letter for Kitty and The Midnight Hour, my editor at the time said “Lose Cormac’s mustache, it’s sleazy.” And my first thought was, “But my Dad has a mustache.” I know a dozen guys with mustaches who aren’t sleazy. Thinking about it some more, I realized — this is a West thing. This is a frontier thing, and my New York/East Coast editor didn’t get it. Mustaches mean something different out here than they do there, and are viewed differently. She was thinking porn star. I was thinking cowboy. So I put my foot down, explained what was going on, and kept the mustache.

I had more input on this cover than on just about any other cover on any of my books, and it was all about Cormac. I got a string of emails asking for descriptions from the books, what he ought to look like, what he should be doing, etc. I think it’s a little of that regional thing creeping in again: my publisher, and its art and marketing departments, are based in New York, and I’m trying to get across this character who is rooted in his region and culture in the Rocky Mountain West. There was also the challenge of making clear this is part of the series while introducing a new main character. In the end the mustache as I imagined it (think Sam Elliott) was just a little too regional to land on the cover of a book that’s going to go everywhere.

So, here it is! Low Midnight, which is about Cormac, Amelia, and a mystery with more layers than an onion…



Low Midnight

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