REVIEW by Ginny: Wrath of Angels (Sins of Angels #3) by Matt Larkin (@mattalarkin)

The Angels have awakened and Rachel faces a universe at war. The Mizraim Empire and the Asheran Confederacy struggle for supremacy, each seeking the new technologies of the Ark. But the Angels have their own agenda, and soon mankind will have to band together or fall before the wrath of Angels.


It seems like I just finished the second book in the series.

You know, because I just finished the second book in this series.

Mr. Larkin is cranking these books out. Which would normally be disturbing. And, normally, I’d think that there was no way that these books could be up to his normal quality. But they are. Because Larkin is some kind of evil genius writing freak.

So basically I get high quality books quickly, so YAY MATT LARKIN IS AN EVIL GENIUS WRITING FREAK.

(I really do mean that in the best possible way)

What I liked:

Everything about Ezekiel Knight is amazing. Everything. He’s like Dread Pirate Roberts level of cool.

Beyond that, I face the same issue I have every time I review a book well into a series. Trying to talk about what I loved without giving bits away. I’ll try though.

Big things happened in book two, and in book three we have the fallout. And it’s major fallout. The “oh … that’s a lot of people who are suddenly dead” kind of fallout. Which seems pretty standard for Space Operas and/or Matt Larkin.

Why am I friends with him again?

Oh right, the fact that I always find myself frantically turning pages, waiting for everything to JUST CALM DOWN FOR A SECOND but it never does. It never does. No instead things go from bad to worse, or at the very least more dramatic while my pulse races. And I got a blister on my thumb from changing the page so frequently.

Our favorite characters find love, themselves, question their beliefs and are ordered to breed as often as possible by a computer. I promise, that makes sense when you read it.

Which you should.

What I didn’t like:

That it’s over?

No seriously, I even got over the fact that the pairing I wanted didn’t end up happening, so I really don’t have any complaints.

Who I’d recommend it to:

Fans of Sci-Fi. Especially Space Operas. If you like BSG, Star Wars, and/or (the third example has been cut, since when I asked my husband his opinion it turned into a giant fight over the best example, the definition of space operas, and the fact that I haven’t read Dune and he hasn’t read this series. Yeah, we’re nerds … so what?)

I received a free copy of this title from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Ginny New 2

wrath-of-angelsWRATH OF ANGELS
Sins of Angels #3

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