REVIEW by Chelsey: Love Beyond Reason (Morna’s Legacy #2) by Bethany Claire (@BClaireAuthor, @ChelseyJNichols)

It all started with a spell.

Arran Conall lives with the consequences of his foolishness daily, his mistakes guiding him into darkness. He had no way to know that his beloved would fall prey to the ancient magic that awaited Blaire on the day he’d sent her away to marry his brother. Now, the only woman to ever give pause to his philandering ways lives centuries ahead of him, out of reach while still holding on to his heart. Now, he must try to live a life without her and marries another to save the lass from a greedy suitor who only wants to lay title to her father’s territory.

His love for Blaire haunts him. With every breath, he prays only one thing – that she will be able to feel his love for her across the chasms of time…

Born in the seventeenth century, Blaire MacChristy lives each day trying to adjust to the challenges of modern-day life. Magic brought her here, but heartbreak keeps her from using the magic to travel back to her home. When visitors from her past arrive asking her to return to the life she’d known before, Blaire takes a chance on love. Once home, she is shocked to learn that the man she loves has married another. Will fate find a way to mend their broken hearts by bringing them together once again? Even if it does, will they be able to stop the darkness that is coming for them both?

love beyond reason

Having read the first novel in the Bethany Claire’s Morna’s Legacy Series, Love Beyond Time, I was more than excited to have a chance to read the second book, Love Beyond Reason. This book deals with the stories of Blaire and Arran—two, slightly star-crossed lovers—who come up against even greater odds in this novel. Because this is the second book in the series, I think that it would be best to have read the first novel in the series—otherwise you might miss out on some of the nuances of the characters and the story, though I think it’s well written enough that it could work as a standalone title.

Basically a continuation of the first novel, Love Beyond Reason picks up where the first book leaves off: with Blaire in modern times and Arran in the past. Blaire has a hard time learning how to act in the strange, modern world and it was definitely entertaining to watch her try, and mostly fail, to adjust. It was also interesting to watch the main character from the first book, Bri, have to clean up the mess she made by leaving so suddenly and watching her friend, Mitsy, try to wrap her head around Bri’s new life. Though, I have to say, my favorite parts were with Blaire and Arran—I was definitely able to feel the loss and frustration that both Blaire and Arran felt after their failed attempts at being together and I truly enjoyed seeing the interaction between the two characters—their love, their sadness—it definitely kept me reading till the end.

While I definitely enjoyed Love Beyond Reason, I found it a bit harder for me to get into the book than the first. Much of the first part of the story deals with getting Blaire back into the past—and hopefully into the heartbroken arms of Arran—and, for me, the story picked up a lot mid-way through. Though it was still well-written and entertaining, I felt myself wishing for more interaction between Arran and Blaire throughout the novel.

The story jumps around perspective-wise, much more than the first novel, so we get many different characters and their opinions popping in and out of this story. For the most part, it works, but I feel like the story would have been stronger overall had there been lest perspective shifts. I had a harder time connecting with Blaire than Bri, though that might have had something to do with the fact that I found Blaire’s speech a little tiring to follow, though I also found I missed her fiery personality from the first novel—this Blaire is more heartbroken and a little more subdued.

Even though there were a few things that I wasn’t partial to, overall I enjoyed Love Beyond Reason and I excited to see how the series develops further. Both the first and second books of this series are a breath of fresh air into a sometimes stagnant genre—Claire is continually defying my expectations and things never quite get resolved exactly the way I think they will. Just when I believe I have the story figured out, something comes along that turns my expectations upside down, which I love. It’s definitely a treat to be able to pick up something that is original, touching, as well as hilarious, especially within this genre.

All in all, I enjoyed myself with this book and I will definitely be picking up the third in the series when it is released in February. It looks like the continuation of this series will be dealing with a character that I find to be pretty hilarious and entertaining—so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her! If you enjoy time-traveling romance with a Scottish-twist then you will absolutely enjoy Love Beyond Reason.

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love beyond reasonLOVE BEYOND REASON
Morna’s Legacy #2

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