REVIEW by Beth: 13 Days: The Pythagoras Conspiracy by L.A. Sparks (@BunnyBethA)

What could spike gasoline prices even higher?

Energy executive Lynn Dayton thinks her challenge is fixing the troubled refinery her company has just acquired on the Houston Ship Channel. But soon she must save it, and other oil refineries, from the industrial havoc and deaths directed by a French saboteur, simultaneously fighting off threats to her own life.

As Lynn deals with chemical leaks, disloyal employees, a new season of hurricanes, and mounting casualties, Robert Guillard, a corrupted idealist, plans to manipulate Lynn through her vulnerable sister.

But Robert underestimates his prey.


What if nothing worked? Lynn Dayton thinks her job is fixing the refinery her company just bought. But soon she must save it and other plants from a French saboteur while fighting off threats to her life. As she deals with disloyal employees, hurricanes, leaks, and casualties, corrupted idealist Robert Guillard tries to manipulate her through her fragile sister. But Robert underestimates his prey.

Control of the planet’s dominant energy source is a knife at the throat of the world, and refineries are the wheels that spin the straw of oil into the gold of gasoline.

Lynn Dayton, 37, a self-made oil industry executive, controls six such billion-dollar refineries. Robert Guillard, 33, a suave Parisian, believes, as did the cult around Pythagoras, that his mathematical talent confers moral authority. He arranges to sabotage U.S. refineries, one by one, and wants to coerce Lynn into collaborating with him as he pursues his seemingly humanitarian ideal of building refineries in Third World countries. If she refuses, he holds hostage her sister, Ceil Dayton, 30, whom he lures to Paris after she suffers a brutal gang rape that he arranged.

Robert faces his own deadline. His financing from Sansei, an Asian refining cartel who wants to sell its gasoline in the US, will vanish in thirteen days unless he shuts down the US refining capability. Moreover, Sansei operatives have made clear their unhappiness with Robert’s publicity-seeking.

In a Gulf Coast region still recovering from hurricane devastation, what at first appears to be an industrial accident at Lynn’s troubled Houston refinery turns sinister. Lynn’s meeting with the victims’ families motivates her to lead the investigation into this first act of sabotage.

As she investigates, her life is threatened. Desperate for the safety of those around her whom she considers to be in even greater danger, she tries to ignore the threats as she works nonstop to find the saboteur. She also struggles to reconcile conflicting demands placed on her: by subordinates who’ve opposed her takeover of their refinery from the start, by a loving boyfriend, and by her sister’s secretiveness.

A tropical storm could be a harbinger of a new season of destruction. Explosions and fires at nearby refineries claim lives and set into motion other misfortunes.

Lynn Dayton has a stressful gig as an oil industry executive. She’s a strong heroine, driven to do her job well, and to do the right thing by finding out who sabotaged her refinery.

There is a lot to like about this thriller. Lynn continues to put her life on the line, facing danger, not sure who to trust, as she tries to mend fences with her broken and jealous younger sister. Lynn’s also trying to support her father, who is ill. She’s on the go all the time, but has time for a little romance, which I loved! This lady needs some love in her life!

The characters are well developed, the plot twists are interesting, dialogue sharp and well crafted. For me, there was a little bit too much technical information about oil refineries, but the story still kept me interested. And I want to read more Lynn Dayton stories. The lady is one smart cookie, bright and brave, and not afraid to fight for what she believes in.

If you are into thrillers, you will like 13 Days: The Pythagoras Conspiracy.

Beth New

153ccae5dac078e1ca5bf4a962b29e8982eb642613 DAYS: THE PYTHAGORAS CONSPIRACY
Lynn Dayton #1

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