REVIEW by Lorna: Raytara-Ju​dgement of the Stars (Arash #2) by Elke Schuster (@MollyKat​ie112)

The roles are changing: Bright may not be bright after all when the past catches up with dark sins. But dark isn’t supposed to be the equivalent of bad, or is it?

Livia has been an Arash for five months when her perfect life starts to crumble around her. A second Arash family, led by the fierce Philomena, harbouring a century-old hatred against Randolph, threatens to destroy them all, while Ruth spills Livia’s best kept secret, wrecking her love affair. Philomena, out for revenge, infiltrates her followers into Randolph’s family, but will everyone fall for the ruse? In the course of events Livia discovers her amazing inexplicable powers but will she be strong enough to save Randolph, who hides more secrets than anyone could guess, from Raytara, the judgement of the stars? Will her best friend Natalie finally find true love in the most unexpected of persons and can Livia save her own love after all?


This is the sequel to Arash-Shadow Hunt, which when I read it, was one of the best books I had read in a long time. It’s a really different paranormal/science fiction series with just the right amount of romance, mystery and magic. I immediately requested this book from Net Galley when I found it and read it in a day. I received it in exchange for a fair and honest review.

What I Liked :
All of the characters from the previous book are back and it also introduced us to some pretty horrible villains as well. Livie is still the main character and is now five months into her life as an Arash. Arash are shadow beings originated directly from the stars. They are only visible to humans if they want to be and do not cast shadows. They are immortal.

Besides Livie, I really liked most of the characters. As I said in my previous review of Arash, the author has written characters that you care about and want to see what happens to each. The villains introduced, in particular, Fergus and Ruth( although Ruth was in the previous book), were very well written, as in the reader totally hates them-always a sign of a well written book when a villain is involved.

I also liked(loved) the world of the Arash that the author has created. The bright and the dark Arash, and the special powers they possess and how they live their secret life among humans was intriguing. We also learn a lot more about the Arash’s beginning and history. I also enjoyed seeing Livie coming in to her powers.

What I Disliked:
Actually not much. It was a bit slower then the first one but then, I can’t imagine that a sequel could be any better then the first book. And I say slower, but it was a one day read for me so it couldn’t have been that slow! The only other thing, was that it had a cliffhanger ending- but not a horrible one so I can live with it until the next one comes out.

Who I Would Recommend this Book to:
I would recommend this book to all paranormal book lovers out there, especially the ones that like something different from vampires and shape shifters. I think the science fiction fans might be interested also. As far as ages, there are no real sex scenes, though some are assumed, so I think it would be fine for probably ages 15 and up.


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