NEWS: Bows & Books Registration Closes on 12/2!! (Secret Santa Book Swap)

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Bows & Books is a “Secret Santa” type event.

Registration will close on Tuesday December 2nd.

Once registration is closed, we will then pull random names and assign them to other random registrants. Everyone who registers will get a name to buy a book for. You will receive their registration information in an email from Pure Textuality. You only need to buy one book for your secret santa person but you are allowed to buy as many as you’d like.

Bows & Books is open to residents worldwide. However, due to the cost of shipping, overseas residents (not US or Canada) may receive ebooks instead of physical books, depending on the cost of shipping.

To make sure your package reaches its destination in time, all packages must be in the mail by December 10th.

THIS SWAP IS NOT LIMITED TO BRAND NEW BOOKS. However, if you are sending a used book, please make sure it is in good condition. 🙂

Also, if you’re not POSITIVE that you will be able to send a book, please don’t sign up. We love to have participants, but it is no fun when someone who signed up didn’t get a book because someone else who signed up didn’t follow through.

Please feel free to share this form with your friends and family!!! This is way more fun with lots of participants!!!



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