GIVEAWAY & REVIEW by Lorna: Candlelight Christmas by Susan Wiggs (@SusanWiggs , @MollyKatie112)

We all love the holidays, but can’t deny that they can add unnecessary stress to our already complicated lives. For Darcy Fitzgerald and Logan O’Donnell, the couple at the center of #1 New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs’s delightful holiday confection, CANDLELIGHT CHRISTMAS, the familial obligations of the holiday season just further underscore how unsettled their own lives are.

Set against the familiar backdrop of Willow Lake, Lakeshore Chronicles is vintage Wiggs—peopled with finely drawn characters, peppered with humor, and driven by a compelling, circuitous plot that leads to unexpected places. Wiggs even supplies holiday recipes ranging from Seductive Hot Chocolate and Maple Bacon Bread Pudding to No-Process Pickles, inspired by the nineteenth century German tradition of a special pickle ornament on the tree that grants the first child to spy it an extra present.

candlelight christmas

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Okay I admit it. I am a sucker for a Christmas book, but not just any, they have to be written by a really good author. This book was written by Susan Wiggs and you don’t get much better then that when reading women’s fiction.

A lot of this author’s books take place on Willow Lake in New York State and this book is no exception. I have read all of them and have loved all of them. I don’t think Ms. Wiggs could write a bad book.

This book features Logan and his son Charlie. Logan has been featured in several books in this series prior to this one. He is now divorced from Daisy and Daisy has remarried and moved away. So now Charlie is only with him for holidays and summers. The summer spent at Camp Kioga is about to end. Logan’s sister comes up to the camp and brings her best friend, Darcy, along for the trip. Darcy has been divorced for one year and is still grieving the loss of her step-children in her life. When she meets Logan, she is pretty much smitten as is Logan. Logan wants more children and Darcy can’t face that again. So nothing comes of the first visit. Things change slowly during several different meetings.

I have always liked the character of Logan and wanted him to have his happily ever after. Darcy, although new to the series, ended up being a really great character too, with her own pretty full life except for the missing man and children that she doesn’t think she wants in her life. Ms. Wiggs definitely knows how to write interesting characters, flaws and all. In this book, her characters are not that flawed but just really nice people that find they need each other.This being a Christmas story pretty much guarantees that the characters are good people and of course it was a wonderful romance.

This is not only a Christmas book but also should be considered her latest entry into her Lake Shore Chronicles. So if you read this series, this is the next one you really should read, although it could stand alone. We get to see a lot of the characters from previous books in this series and that’s always a good thing in these books.I am sure it will be another bestseller as is this authors usual.

As usual, Ms. Wiggs drew me and kept me reading pretty much non-stop!


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