REVIEW by Lorna : Kiss the Night Goodbye (Nikki and Michael #4) by Keri Arthur – RELEASED TODAY! (@kezarthu​r, @Mollykati​e112)


Nikki James is just an ordinary, risk-taking, psychically inclined private eye until she hooks up with Michael Kelly. Now she is something more: one of the few, the chosen, the magic-wielding undercover operatives of the Damask Circle, an organization protecting humanity from a rising tide of evil. She wants nothing more than to pass the Circle’s strict entry exams so she can get on with the business of planning her wedding to Michael. But she quickly realizes that buying a wedding dress is the least of her worries.

One hundred years ago, Michael Kelly hunted down and killed the sorcerer responsible for murdering his lover. Now the brother of that man is out for revenge, and he intends to destroy all that Michael holds dear in the process. When Michael is kidnapped, the trail leads Nikki to a dusty ghost town surrounded by a potent magical barrier, leaving her to battle a madman alone with only her wits, strength, and the one psychic gift she cannot fully control. And to make matters even worse, Michael no longer seems to remember who she is.


This is the fourth and last Nikki and Michael book. Since they are all re-released from years ago, I guess there is no hope for another one and that’s a shame. The is also the fourth one in the last couple of months that I have read in this series. As I have said before, it’s hard to review so many books in a series in a row unless major things change in the story.

One major change in this story involves Nikki finally going to work for the Circle that Michael works for. So now she finally is able to truly be with Michael instead of sitting home waiting sometimes for months at a time. Since Nikki is Michael’s thrall, if Michael gets killed then Nikki does too and I have to say that would be a major problem wondering all the time how dangerous the job is that Michael is working and if she is going to just drop dead never knowing why. So now she is getting trained in ways that would probably put the FBI training to shame.

The other major change involves Michael losing his memory of Nikki. Lots of drama to get to this point but I am not ruining it for readers by telling how this all happens. Suffice it to say that Nikki has to work with Michael without him even knowing what century he is in. Intrigued? I was and it made for a lot of twists and turns and murder and mayhem and it really worked as a plot twist.

Ms. Arthur always comes up with very interesting villains. Not only are they interesting but they’re always so heinous that they don’t have any redeeming qualities. Well she has outdone herself this time. Not only is this villain a horrible excuse for a being (leaving the word human out on purpose) but he’s all sorts of yucky to boot. As in ewwwwww.

I think this was the best of the series even though I loved the first book. But having said that, I have enjoyed all four of these books and I am going to miss reading about this pair. We’ve had four books to get to know them, and I have really loved their continuing love story and all the crazy adventures they got involved in. It was a pretty great series Ms. Arthur and I am glad I got to read them all. I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I rated this one 4.5 stars.


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One thought on “REVIEW by Lorna : Kiss the Night Goodbye (Nikki and Michael #4) by Keri Arthur – RELEASED TODAY! (@kezarthu​r, @Mollykati​e112)

  1. I’m with you, I was sad that there was only the four books in the series. I enjoyed them so much I wish she would have written more adventures for Nikki and Michael. Maybe with the re-release we will get more. One can hope. 🙂

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