REVIEW by Lorna: Serissa by M.Cundy (@MCundy_A​uthor, @Mollykati​e112)

Singing beautifully is more than a defining talent, its Serissa Moore’s destiny, but fame comes with a high price and a responsibility- a price that means questioning everything about life, and a responsibility no human is capable of.

Seventeen-year-old Serissa leaves home after graduation to follow around a new band with her friends. Only she already knows the lead singer, Gabe Livingston, who requests her to sing a duet. Scared of performing, and unsure about trusting the guy who once threw pebbles at her on the playground, she knows she should walk away. But in exchange for one song he promises to explain how she was the only one who saw him glowing during the first show of the tour, and why the polished stone he gifts her soon after transports her into a world she knows too well for having never visited.

Insistent on answers for accumulating odd events, Gabe explains her voice has an unique ability and her musical commitment involves her life, not one song. She also learns her recently acquired boyfriend isn’t who he says he is. Over the summer Serissa will have to overcome stage fright, elude her crazy soon-to-be ex, and hopefully, after figuring out where she is really from, have time to change everything about life as we know it.


I am going to start this by saying directly to the author-Please release the next book ASAP! Okay got that out of my system. Maybe. I am not kidding though. I have so many questions I want answered and the sooner the better!

Remember back in middle school when you had the biggest crush on the most popular boy or girl in school? And it was unrequited? Not only that but he and his friends spend their time tormenting you for no reason. Then one day it is your last day of school because you are moving but you get a note from HIM, in your locker telling you to think of him. Really? Because you didn’t tell anyone it was your last day so how did he know? And why would he care?

It’s four years later and Serissa or Sara as she is called, is getting ready for graduation. For the first time she meets a boy that makes her feel similar as she did about Gabe, the boy she left behind and never forgot. She now has two best friends and a love of music and singing. Her friends find out their favorite band is coming to their town and they decide to go out and follow the band around for the summer. Sara is totally surprised to discover that Gabe is the lead singer of the band. Coincidence? I didn’t think so. Her new boyfriend, Kyle, is totally against her going but she of course does.

This is a young adult book but I totally enjoyed it and read it in less then a day. Mainly because I could not put it down and I had to know what was going on. This book is paranormal but it was a really different paranormal. I am not going to tell what the secret is because I think the readers should find out for themselves. I spent most of the book wanting to yell at the author to answer so many questions that I had. I still had lots of questions at the end and now my question for the author is, when does the next one come out? This was told in the first person and I really thought it worked. I really liked her character and the character of Gabe. There is so much more to learn about the characters and the paranormal world involved. I also think her mothers back story is extremely important to the story and should be told.

This book was well written and interestingly told. I really enjoyed it more then I thought I would at my age although I do read my share of young adult books. It doesn’t matter what age some books are for, as long as it is a well told story like this one.

I enjoyed this book and rated it 4.5 stars.


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