REVIEW by Matt: The Undivided (Rift Runners #1) by Jennifer Fallon (@mattalar​kin)

The Undivided are divided.

The psychic twins, Ronan and Darragh, have been separated by the traitor Druid, Amergin, who has kidnapped Ronan and thrown him through a rift into another reality.

Now time is running out for Darragh. If Ronan isn’t found soon, they will both die. But his twin brother is lost in a reality where Druids are legend, and there is no magic. Somehow, before the Autumn Equinox, they must find one young man in a world of six billion people…

Meanwhile, Ren Kavanaugh has no notion of where he comes from. He is plagued by strange injuries that appear from nowhere and everyone is convinced he is deliberately harming himself for attention. Then he meets the enticing and mysterious Trasa, and before he can figure out how it happened, he is in serious trouble – arrested for arson and possibly murder.

Rescue will come from a completely unexpected direction. Ren is about to discover more about his origins than he bargained for, meet the twin brother he never knew he had, and discover nobody is what they seem, especially his new friend, the half-faerie, half-human Trasa… Amergin’s daughter.


A number of years ago I grabbed a hardcover Wolfblade from a bargain bin in Borders. I didn’t know of the author, but for $3 I was willing to give it a shot. Once I finally got around to reading it, I think I read the book in two sittings. Jennifer Fallon became one of my favorite authors and I began collecting her other works. Since she was published in Australia, not all of them were originally available in the Kindle US store. For a while I’d been hearing about this series, the Rift Runners, and wanting to give it a try. So when it finally became available I jumped at.

From the first moments I remembered why I enjoyed Fallon’s style so much. It reads so easily and pulls me along with first class storytelling. Rift Runners is an unusual series. The book takes place between two parallel versions of Earth–our Earth, and an Earth in which Rome failed to take Britain. This happened because the Druids in that world made an alliance with the Faeries, who gave them magic. Because the Druids won, magic remained in that world, and druidic society has persisted to modern times, with little technological advancements.

The druids are ruled by two psychically linked twins, one of which, Ren, was thrown through a rift to our world as a baby. Both his brother and his adversaries are searching for him, the former to return him to his Earth, and the latter to ensure he never finds his way back. The political atmosphere is a lot more complicated than that, of course, and I won’t spoil the details of the treaty between the druids and the Faeries. I will say, though, that the Faeries are unable to break the treaty, but use all their tricks to try to get the humans to violate it, so they can withdraw their magical powers from mankind.

It all sounds pretty weird, but, as usual, I found it really hard to put down.

On a negative side, the formatting for the ebook was really poor. A few errors or typos don’t bother me, but this had frequent missing letters, paragraph breaks in the wrong place, and a recurrence of special characters in the wrong place–things blatant enough no one must have proofread the ebook or checked for errors. It was enough to disrupt my reading experience, and that’s saying something. I’m disappointed with HarperVoyager for the shoddy ebook conversion. This captivating story deserved better work from the publisher.

Nevertheless, I still recommend it to fans of fantasy and Celtic mythology.

4 phoenix hatchlings.


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