REVIEW by Lorna: Dead Sexy by Paige Tyler (@Paigetyl​er, @Mollykati​e112)

Can her love save him from a curse worse than death?

Romance author Simone Kent thinks she might just have found the most perfect guy in all of New York City – in bed and out.

But Drake Parrish is about as far from perfect as any man can get. Eight years ago, he was cursed by an evil Voodoo priestess. Since then, he has lived like a recluse on New York’s Upper East Side.

The sex is the hottest either of them has ever experienced and Simone discovers just how naughty she can be with Drake, while he finds himself feeling things for Simone he hasn’t felt in a very long time. When the Voodoo priestess learns of their relationship, however, she comes after him again. She’s determined he won’t have a future with Simone, even if that means killing both him and the woman he loves.

Dead Sexy

I finished this book several days ago and I have been having problems deciding what to write about it. I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for a fair and honest review. However, when I read the blurb for the book, there was nothing about it being erotica and a lot of the book is pretty much erotica. I don’t know that I would have requested it had I known and that is not the author’s fault.

Drake Parrish was a womanizer, totally arrogant and just an all round horrible man. He manages to make the grandmother of one of his virginal conquests really angry. The fact that she is a voodoo priestess doesn’t help anything. She curses Drake to live part of every week as a zombie. This results in Drake becoming a recluse for eight years. He meets romance novelist, Simone Kent while working with her on one of her novels. Needless to say, he gets over his recluse status pretty fast because of her.

Pretty much most of the first part of the book is all about sexual situations.. The last half of the book is where the story takes off as far as I was concerned. This part of the book involves lots of action, lots of zombies, voodoo and lots of close calls for the main characters. It actually was a very readable book. I liked the characters and they were fully developed by the author.

I am going to be honest here. I don’t mind sex scenes as a rule and as a romance reader, I actually expect them. A well written sex scene can make a book for me at times. What I do mind is the constant use of the P word for a women’s female parts. For me it really took a lot away from the scenes and I started skimming those parts of the book. That is not something I ever do as a rule.

All that being said, the main part of the story was good. The author definitely knows how to write and for a paranormal romance reader like myself, the premise is good. As I said before, it’s not the author’s fault that I am not that fond of erotica. So I am going to try and look beyond that to the total book and rate it 3.5 stars, which in Pure Textuality terms, means it was an entertaining, good book.


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