REVIEW by McKenzie: Confessions of a Fast Food Worker by George Dwight (@MGT_Writer)

Confessions of a Fast-Food Worker (Part 1) is George Dwight’s debut tell-all on his five-year career with a fast-food chain he refers to as “Ronny’s.” The nineteen non-fiction short stories that make up Part 1 illustrate the writer’s “tricks of the trade” from his years in the industry—tricks he used to get even with customers, coworkers, and even the “Ronny’s” corporation itself.

The Yellow Brick Road (Intro)
The Last Laugh
Gin & Juice
Cold & Cloudy
The Secret Ingredient
Perceptions (Interlude)
Robin Hood & Uncle Sam
No Salt
The Power of Pepper
Begging for It
Stuffed with Revenge
Funny Money
The Oldest Trick in this Book
Say Cheese
Stretching the Five-Second Rule


Confessions of A Fast Food Worker was a quick-paced, interesting, funny, enjoyable read. In it, you meet a character unlike any other and you quickly learn why you should respect workers in the fast food industry. This novel portrays real people in real situations that make my skin absolutely crawl. I didn’t see how he could make it, until I read this book.

The plot goes by without a hitch. It’s very fast paced, quick to catch your attention, and hard to put down. It presents the workers in tough situations and what they have to do to make the customer hay, or what they do to get revenge. Whether it be pulling food out if the trash or refrying or undercooking, these characters are much smarter than the antagonists believe. They present ways to make more money off people, and how to give the restaurant less. Most of the ideas I would have never thought of!

The writing was pretty good. Not the best, but very nice indeed. The dialogue maybe had a bit too much slang and cursing, but I could handle it. The writing could have also had a bit more back story and descriptive writing. But besides this, it was very enjoyable. I will probably read part two to this.

3 stars!


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