RANDOMS: Welcome to Our Newest Blogger, Damien Darke! (@DarkeRealmEnt)

Good afternoon everyone! Please join me in giving a warm welcome to a new male voice (and another writer) on the Pure Textuality team!!! I am happy to announce that Damien Darke has joined our little family! Read on to learn more about him!

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Greetings my Government name, that one you’ll find on my Driver’s Lic, Birth Certificate, & SSN is Gerald, but I do have another side of the proverbial coin I have to deal with and he calls himself Damien Darke. Together we’ve become a formidable team in the realm of reading and writing. I have been reading since a very very early age and I still love it to this day. I don’t really have a particular genre, if I find a book interesting I will read it just to see where its going, sometimes that works in my favor because it ends up being a really good book and sometimes it just doesn’t and I find myself stuck in a really bad book; either way I’m going to finish reading it with the hopes that something good comes of it.

I began writing when I was in grade school. I’ve always loved my imagination and so coming up with imaginary friends and stories was never a problem with me. I loved sitting with a piece of paper and at that time a pencil and just writing until I couldn’t think anymore. Thus began the growth of the writer in me, and the reader has always tagged along to keep us company… LOL

I finished my first full length novel when I was in high school, a fantasy piece about a Barbarian Id developed while playing the game Dungeons & Dragons, but I never did anything with because shortly after that I got to watch a movie that kind of set me up into a genre of reading and writing for a long time – Conan the Barbarian(yea, I know interesting how I had developed a barbarian in the game) therefore My story ended up in an envelope mailed to my mother for years. I was off and running as a writer and over the course of years I’ve written a little of everything and I’ve loved it all.

Currently I do have 3 books published and I am currently in the process of editing my next two to be released really soon. You can find those books on all of the major book purchasing sites across the web. Tainted: the Book of Revelations is my news release, it was published around May of 2013, it is my first full length novel to be release to the public. At this time it is only available in paperback but I will be releasing it in e-book before the end of this year. The next two books Pitch Darke: the Poetic Chronicles of Damien Darke & Liquid Eroticism(a book of erotic poems and short stories) are both available in both forms e-book and paperback. Recently, I’ve even started writing on my own blog so if you’re looking to get to know just a bit more about me and what/how I tend to write please feel free to come on over and read a bit.

On top of all of this excitement I do have kids, and there’s a story behind that as well. We’ll just say I have 7 kids in all, but they aren’t all mine… but I claim them as mine and they all call me Dad. My oldest will soon be 21 and my youngest rings in at 6… see the difference in age. I love them all.

As I’ve said, I do love to read… from Robert Howard to Stephen King… Micheal Crichton… from Anne Rice to Laurel Hamilton… Dan Brown to Zane and a host of others in between them all. I read Fantasy, SciFi, Horror, Urban, Erotica, some Historical Fiction, Thrillers, and yes the Paranormal/Supernatural. I enjoy reading.

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