RANDOMS: I need some indie book suggestions

So I’m working on a super secret project, and need to know what your favorite indie books are.  So reply here, tweet me, or send me an e-mail, and while you’re at it, ask your friends!

Thanks in advance for your help and…



5 thoughts on “RANDOMS: I need some indie book suggestions

  1. I dedicated April to indie authors which included Kendall’s INHALE, JENNY POX by JL Bryan (EPIC stuff!), EXILED by MR Merrick, and DESCENDED BY BLOOD by Angeline Kace. All awesome books!!!

    EASY by Tamara Weber is an indie New Adult and I hear really good things about it.

  2. Sarra Cannon’s Peachville High Demons series
    Beth Dolgner’s Betty Boo series
    Joseph Lallo’s The Book of Deacon trilogy
    Erik Lynd’s Silas Robb series
    The Monster Within by Lola Rayne 😉
    Amber Lynn Natusch’s Caged series

  3. CAPTURED by Erica Stevens, THORN by Intisar Khanani, SONG TO WAKE TO by JD Field, GUARDIAN by Rachel Morgan…and those are just the ones I loved. (Yes, I read an unhealthy amount of indie. 😉

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