REVIEW by Charity: Blood Singers (Blood #1) by Tamara Rose Blodgett (@TRoseBlodgett , @plantingmoon )

A sub-species of human beings…

Twenty-year old Julia Wade, a young woman tragically widowed, is in the middle of a bizarre bid between two mythical species who are vying for the unique properties she offers; her blood. The vampires need her to balance the food load of the human species and give them their coveted “Lightwalkers.” The Were wish to be moonless changers; a Rare One can make that a reality.

Julia wants to belong to herself.

Can she free herself and begin a new life?

When I read the synopsis for Blood singers I was immediately intrigued. It seemed like a different spin on your typical vampire, werewolf fare. Plus, I am an admirer of Ms. Blodgett’s writing. Thus, I was pretty stoked to sink my teeth into a different series written by her.
Julia and Jason were high school sweethearts. After graduation they sneak off to Vegas and elope. They return to their home town in Alaska when Julia is immediatly met with the terrible tragedy of Jason’s violent death. Dang!… Talk about ruining the honeymoon.
The main protagonist Julia, is a blood singer and her blood calls out too every vampire, werewolf as well as other blood singers out there. Her blood is “extra special” and rare as it contains something magical that can be used by each of the varying species in order for them to gain something they lack. An example, for vampires, its the ability to walk in the day light.
We soon find out Julia is wanted by every creature that goes bump in the night. She is kidnapped, held captive and always on the verge of completing some ritual that would bind her to a particular breed of creature, when some other faction swoops in to take her away. It did get kind of funny that everybody wanted Julia. But, I quickly picked up on the tongue and cheek humor from Ms. Blodgett when she wrote, “ Was it vampire? Were? What the hell…trolls? Could there be more mythological creatures  springing to life to kidnap her….” Yeah, after I read that,  I was assured of the author’s awareness that this was getting a little ridiculous even for our heroine.
I will admit, I had a difficult time getting into the groove of this book for the first couple of chapters. There are many POV’s and quick scene changes within a given chapter making it a little hard to follow…at first. However, once I found the tempo and rhythm the author had set forth I was immediately captivated and found that I enjoyed this style of writing.
With all that said, the book ended with a gnarly cliffhanger leaving me frantically swiping my finger over my phone in desperate hopes of there being another chapter. Heck, even another page! But, sadly no, and Ms. Blodgett just left me hangin’.
Overall, I give this Blood Singers a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I have the second book Blood Song all queued up and ready to read. I am curious to see who will end up with the coveted Julia and her rare blood.
Blood #1 

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