RANDOMS: Welcome to Our Newest Blogger, Matt! (@Mattalarkin)

19.  Nineteen.  One-Nine.  That’s how many crazy book lovers we now have on this site!  Everyone please give a warm welcome to the newest addition Matt!   Read on as Matt introduces himself! 

Hi all! My name is Matt Larkin. I’m an avid reader, a novelist, and sometimes an editor and web designer. When I was very young, I think about six, my parents started reading The Hobbit with me. I don’t think they really expected it to turn into a lifelong obsession with speculative fiction, but here we are.

I love epic fantasy, urban fantasy, and I read a bit of paranormal romance and science fiction. I also read quite a bit of non-fiction, especially books on history and mythology. Yeah, I’m a big mythology junkie. At the moment, I think my favorite writer is Brent Weeks, who has two fantastic series. That said, if I had to choose an all-time favorite book, I’d probably say Dune.

I live in Florida with my wife Tarannum “Juhi” Larkin, who while not an avid reader herself, is amazingly supportive of my crazy obsessions. On the other hand, she loves movies, and I can definitely get behind that. I am, after all, a big movie buff. Favorite movie: Stardust. To me, the perfect mix of action, fantasy, comedy, romance, and wonderful music. I love that movie. And in case you’re wondering, Juhi’s favorite movie is Jab We Met.

I was introduced to Pure Textuality by my friend Amber Lynn Natusch. And now my to-be-read list has expanded exponentially. Ginny and the others keep adding books to it faster than I can cross them off. Best get to it, I guess.

My Writing:

I write epic fantasy. The first volume of The Skyfall Trilogy is available now (Children of Sun and Moon), the second forthcoming soon. You can read about it on my website (http://mattlarkin.net).

Twitter: @MattALarkin
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/matt.a.larkin
Email: matt@mattlarkin.net
Website: http://mattlarkin.net

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