I am happy to announce that The  Monster Within Blog Tour is now fully booked!  Read on to see the full tour schedule so you can catch all the juicy details!!!

10/2/2012 Pure Textuality http://puretextuality.com
10/2/2012 Readers Confession www.readersconfession.com
10/3/2012 Scandalicious Book Reviews http://www.scandaliciousbookreviews.com/
10/3/2012 Turning Pages http://turningpages94.blogspot.com/
10/4/2012 The Brunette Librarian http://brunettelibrarian.blogspot.com
10/4/2012 Jess Resides Here http://www.frellathon.com
10/5/2012 Punya Reviews http://punyareviews.blogspot.com/
10/5/2012 We Fancy Books http://wefancybooks.blogspot.com/
10/6/2012 Fictional Candy http://www.fictionalcandy.com/
10/6/2012 Book Lovin’ Mamas http://www.booklovinmamas.blogspot.com
10/7/2012 Bookhi www.bookhi.blogspot.com
10/7/2012 Nette’s Bookskelf Reviews http://nettesbookshelf.blogspot.com
10/8/2012 Books For Company http://www.booksforcompany.com/
10/8/2012 Night Owl Reviews http://www.nightowlreviews.com/nor/Pages/Blog.aspx
10/8/2012 Page Flipperz www.pageflipperz.blogspot.com