INDIE AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: T.R. Graves (@warriorsseries)



T. R. Graves



Where are you from?

I’m was born and raised in Louisiana. I call Texas home, living near Galveston and working in Houston.



How long have you been writing?

I’m not sure I remember a time when I wasn’t writing, but I began creating The Warrior Series three years ago.



What’s your genre of choice for writing?

There are those who say I have a hard time committing to a genre. I agree. My books have a healthy balance of paranormal, fantasy, romance, action, and Christian fiction (a genre I’d never heard of until fans insisted my book fell under that category). I like writing an interesting story and am less concerned about which category it will fit perfectly into.



What’s your genre of choice for reading?

I read what I like to write: paranormal, fantasy, romance, and action.



Tell us all about you and your writing!!

I’m the debut author of The Warrior Series, an RN, and a hospital administrator employed by a nonprofit hospital within the Texas Medical Center. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for twenty-five years. Together, we raise our eighteen-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son. I began writing after I realized it was a great opportunity to connect with my teenaged daughter. My writing and our two-person book club has given us the chance to talk about important issues that are generally difficult for mothers and daughters to discuss. Our debates regarding the characters and their dilemmas have allowed both of us to see that we are more alike than we are different. Reading has brought us closer than anything else could have.



Any new releases that we should be watching for?

Enemies of the Cross (The Warrior Series, Book #3) will be released later this summer. It is the most exciting book of the series so far. The storyline takes Allison La Crosse on a journey unlike anything anyone has ever imagined. There are great new characters to fall in love with, powers more amazing than any we’ve seen before, and villains so villainous the reader will want to jump through the book and kill them.



Do you have a website? If so, what’s the link?



Do you have a Twitter? If so, what’s your user name?



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