INDIE AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Kendall Grey (@kendallgrey1)




Kendall Grey


Where are you from?
Atlanta, Georgia


How long have you been writing?
Full time – 4 years


What’s your genre of choice for writing?
Urban fantasy/paranormal romance


What’s your genre of choice for reading?
Urban fantasy/paranormal romance


Tell us all about you and your writing!!
I write pretty out-there stuff–the weirder, the better. I’m a big fan of figurative language. I often think in metaphors, so it’s easy for me to write that way. I also like to keep my fantasy as realistic as possible, so I do lots of research to ensure that I’m presenting the factual parts of a story accurately. If I don’t know the science behind how something works, I find out. My JUST BREATHE trilogy is heavily grounded in whale facts I’ve gathered through personal observations, interviews with professionals, and research internships. But my books aren’t all about boring science stuff. They also include naughty Elementals, a hot Australian rock star, and a sexy, dangerous, twisty plot that takes the characters on a three-book ride to hell and back. 😉


Any new releases that we should be watching for?
INHALE and EXHALE are available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble now. I’m in the middle of edits on the third book in my trilogy. JUST BREATHE should be out in August or September, assuming all goes well with my editor. 🙂


Do you have a website?  If so, what’s the link? — reader site. — author site/blog.


Do you have a Twitter? If so, what’s your user name?


2 thoughts on “INDIE AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Kendall Grey (@kendallgrey1)

  1. Great interview! I believe besides your trilogy, you have also released some related short stories about some of the characters?

  2. Hey, Erin! Thanks for stopping by!

    I hadn’t published the shorts at the time this interview was conducted, but yep, there are 2 JUST BREATHE “Ephemera” shorts now out. STIFLE is an erotica about Sinnder, and LETTING GO tells the story of how Zoe got the bird when she was twelve. The 3rd in that series will be out very soon. It’s called DIRTY and features an Erthe Elemental from EXHALE. 🙂

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