We have a couple new additions to the Pure Textuality family.  Our first one is Emily!  Welcome Emily!!  Read on for Emily’s introduction!

Okay, so I have never written reviews before and I’m a little nervous about joining Pure Textuality’s blog. I am an avid reader as books are my way of escaping a few hours of the day. My husband knows when something is really wrong when I don’t want to read. My first loves were sci-fi and fantasy, Piers Anthony, Tamora Pierce, and Terry Brooks. I also read Dean Koontz when I was younger, probably 11 or 12. I can remember reading The Visionby candlelight because the power was out and having to stop because my imagination was creeping me out. I didn’t start reading romance until I was doing laundry for my granny and saw a bookcase with swap books. My love affair began that day with Julie Garwood’s Saving Grace. Now I read any romance genres, but I am currently in a paranormal phase. I typically buy books I have read and know I’ll read again, but if I’m wondering the aisles at the local bookstore and a cover or title jumps out and the blurb sounds good, I’ll grab it. If you see a woman taking pics of books with her phone, it’s probably me, because as much as I’d like to kick the kids out of their rooms to convert it into a library, money and okay, love for the little rascals, prevents me from it. So, I save the pics for later so I don’t forget that really awesome sounding book with the cute guy on the cover and the girl practically naked, because, let’s face it, that would cover way too many books! While I am partial to romance, I will read anything that sparks my interest. Okay, well, enough blah,blah,blah! On to more important stuff, like reading!