INDIE AUTHOR SIGNATURE: Patti Larsen (@PattiLarsen)




Patti Larsen



Where are you from?

Prince Edward Island, Canada (home of Anne of Green Gables)



How long have you been writing?

From the age of twelve. I’m now considerably older than that 😉



What’s your genre of choice for writing?

I’m pretty much a middle grade and YA paranormal author, but cover most subsets–from teen girl angst to horror to steampunk and dystopian



What’s your genre of choice for reading?

Everything, pretty much. I’m willing to give most books a try, as long as the writing is excellent and the characters grab me.



Tell us all about you and your writing!!

I’ve been wanting to write for a living my entire life and am finally in a position where that’s possible(thank you, Universe!). With backgrounds in journalism, independent film making, theatre, music and any other creative process I could get my hands on, I’ve tapped into all of my experience to create a process of writing that’s helped me find my voice so well I can’t seem to quiet the teenagers who now crowd my head, waiting for their turn to tell their story. Because of that, I produce very quickly (though I never skimp on quality!), and now have eighteen books available. I eat, breathe, dream anything to do with YA and the paranormal. I’m also proudly Indie with my own small publishing company, Patti Larsen Books.



Any new releases that we should be watching for?

As stated above, I’m highly prolific and tend to have at least one book releasing each month. Coming up next are books seven and eight of my popular YA paranormal series, The Hayle Coven Novels, both due in July. Also in July and August, I’ll be releasing three new middle grade novels, with the Clone Chronicles, a YA post apocalyptic series, coming in August.



Do you have a website? If so, what’s the link?



Do you have a Twitter? If so, what’s your user name?




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