INDIE AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Claude Nougat (@claudenougat)



Claude Nougat – yes, female in spite of the first name!




Where are you from? 

Born in Belgium, raised on 3 continents in 3 languages (English, French, Spanish) –  now one more language (Italian) because of my Sicilian hubby




How long have you been writing? 

All my life – since I was 15!




What’s your genre of choice for writing? 

contemporary, psychological stuff…literary? Yes, I suppose so (!)




What’s your genre of choice for reading? 

Literary, historical, science-fiction, anything good!




Tell us all about you and your writing!! 

A Columbia University grad (economics), I’ve never stopped writing fiction while pursuing a career in banking, publishing and ultimately the United Nations (25 years – now retired). While still working full time, I managed to write books in Italian that were traditionally published: a children’s book that won 3 awards, including the Premio Mediterraneo, and a historical/paranormal romance (literary?, mmmm, maybe) that won local praise and is the precursor of my coming of age novel set in Sicily, written in English, with the title FEAR OF THE PAST available on ( ) since 2011. 

Most recently published (Feb 2012): DEATH ON FACEBOOK, Short Stories for the Digital Age, also available on Amazon




Any new releases that we should be watching for? 

Soon coming on Amazon: A HOOK IN THE SKY, a BB novel. BB stands for Baby Boomers: the protagonist is a recently retired Baby Boomer who finds his marriage collapsing while he’s going for a second life as an artist – expect a lot of romantic complications and unexpected upheavals! 




Do you have a website?  If so, what’s the link?




Do you have a Twitter?  If so, what’s your user name?



Please note: I’m also on Facebook LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. 



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