INDIE AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Joseph Lallo (@jrlallo)



Joseph Lallo


Where are you from?


How long have you been writing?
I’ve been scribbling down ideas since I was a kid, but I took the plunge into being an indie author back in 2010.


What’s your genre of choice for writing?
I like Fantasy, with a bit of Science Fiction to break things up.


What’s your genre of choice for reading?
I’ll read just about anything. Fantasy is my favorite, but science fiction, the classics, adventure, non-fiction… basically if there is a book and a spare moment, I’ll probably start reading.


Tell us all about you and your writing!!
Let’s see… Well, I’ve spent my life accumulating significant geek and nerd credentials. Aside from my authorly pursuits, I draw a paycheck working IT for a healthcare company and from writing video game articles and reviews for a website I help run, I’ve got a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering from NJIT, which while fascinating to earn and a handy thing to have on my resume, has turned out to be slightly less valuable than the endless daydreaming I’ve been doing my entire life.

My writing is primarily focused on Epic Fantasy. I’ve got a trilogy called The Book of Deacon, and a short novel called Jade. They share a setting, and are loosely connected. Beyond that, I’ve got my (as yet unnamed) Science Fiction series, which so far has the books Bypass Gemini and Unstable Prototypes. I’m told my stories are character driven, though to be honest, that’s just the way they fall out of my head.


Any new releases that we should be watching for?
My latest release, back in February, was Unstable Prototypes, the second in a series of Science Fiction titles. There are a few fantasy stories in the pipeline, but right now I haven’t even chosen the final title for any of them..



Do you have a website?  If so, what’s the link?


Do you have a Twitter?  If so, what’s your user name?




The Book of Deacon (Book of Deacon Trilogy #1)

The Great Convergence (Book of Deacon Trilogy #2)

The Battle of Verril (Book of Deacon Trilogy #3)

Bypass Gemini

Unstable Prototypes (Sequel to Bypass Gemini)




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