MEME: Hump Day Harlots – Lady Alexia Tarabotti Maccon (@gailcarriger )

This week’s Hump Day Harlot is:
Lady Alexia Tarabotti Maccon
The Parasol Protectorate Series


There are going to be some spoilers… especially since listing out her full name is a spoiler, but they’re relatively minor in the grand scheme of things.

As many of you know, we started this feature to highlight strong female characters who get a bum rap because of the genre they’re in.*  Meaning Erotica and/or Romance.  The Parasol Protectorate just barely sneaks into this genre, but I’m going with it because… well because I can.  Plus Steampunk gets as many looks down the length of a nose as Romance does.

And if that nose is on one Lady Alexia Tarabotti Maccon, it’s a long way to look.

Ok, that’s probably my worst segway ever, but I forgot to do my homework AND it’s our day on the Ilona Andrews blog tour so I’ve actually spent the past 3 hours crying in a ball under my desk.

Now where was I?  OH YES!  Alexia.  My darling little squash blossom.  When we first meet our plucky hero, she’s practically on the shelf due to her willfulness (and her er… strong… nose).  Sitting in a library, ordering refreshments at someone else’s party because honestly, how can they expect her to sit through a high society party without killing herself if there’s nothing to eat.  While quite alone, she’s set upon by a little baby (meaning newly turned) vampire.  Rather than get all upset, she subdues and kills him.

Because she’s a serious badass.

And you know what folks?  She only gets more badass from there.  She goes toe to toe with:

  • Werewolves
  • Vampires (not the baby kind)
  • Annoying relations
  • Scandalous inventors
  • Cracked inventors
  • Mad Scientists
  • Not so mad Scientists
  • (are you sensing a science theme?)
  • Templars
  • Plagues
  • More troublesome relations
  • Exploding lady bugs

All without damaging her parasol.

Ok, so technically she destroys one… but I’m trying to make a point here people.

Alexia is a strong willed, intelligent character who even in Regency England isn’t willing to sit around and let men take care of her.  No, instead she’s fully prepared to brain some people with her trusty accessory of choice.  If that doesn’t work?  Well the accessory in question has more than a few tricks up its sleeve.  Add in her status as one of the world’s few preternaturals** and she’s a wrecking ball in the super natural world.

In short, the woman is a role model in fashionable hats.  Two thumbs up, and a tip of my ruffled parasol.  *wink*

*Ok, it’s also a place to blast the characters who reinforce stereotypes, but I couldn’t fit that in up there.

**Preternaturals in the world of Parasols has the ability to remove a super natural’s super natural.  Werewolves and Vamps become human again, and ghosts… well let’s just say they’ve gone to a better place.

And yes, I do realize I could’ve done a post on Kate or Andrea… that it would’ve been fitting since it is Ilona Andrews day (at least it is in Ginny land) but there ain’t no way in hell I was calling either of those ladies Harlots.  I like all my bits where they are thank you very much.

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