MEME: The Texties – Phil Gigante

This week’s nom goes to
the great


What can I say about Phil Gigante? Hmm. Well, if you’re a fan of the Fever series and have ever listened to their audio books, you know who Phil Gigante is. He’s the owner of The Voice. The Voice that brought the character of Jericho Barrons to life. When I was listening to the first few audio books, I thought sure that the character would always be portrayed by the original female narrator. Then came the switch. Just when I got used to the first narrator, Karen Marie Moning switched it up on me. It took me a bit to get used to the new voice and then I was shocked into silence the first time I heard Jericho speak.

No longer portrayed by a female, we had a new sound for Jericho and is goes like this:


I know!  The face does NOT match the voice.  Like, AT ALL.  But he’s an INCREDIBLE narrator!!!  Phil took this character from being a really good character to being a breathtaking character. His voice matches the personality perfectly – something I had only encountered one other time with the wonderful narrator Tavia Gilbert.  He made us really feel exactly how cold and ruthless Jericho could be.  There’s a LOT of power in the voice of a narrator and the wrong narrator can be the ruin of a character in an audio book.  My favorite Jericho moment in Phil’s voice:  

“God said ‘let there be light’.  I said ‘say please’.”  

That line makes me smile sooooo big.  lol

Phil has ton TONS of work in the narrating world, lending his voice to countless characters and even winning a number of awards for his work.  He even narrates for Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander series.  

Following a challenge from fans, Karen Marie Moning wrote a sex scene from the JZB point of view and Phil recorded it.  It’s available to purchase on Karen Marie Moning’s website.  

Although the scene is a touch lackluster considering who is telling the story, I have played it several times for friends just to point out the voice. I have never met anyone with a voice like that and I certainly have never heard another male narrator that sounds ANYTHING like him. For that, this week’s Texties nod goes to him!

Good luck Phil! Cant wait to hear more of your work!


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