MEME: Auditory Allusions – Gunmetal Magic (Kind of) by Ilona Andrews (@ilona_andrews )

Auditory Allusions

This week’s post was inspired by

Gunmetal Magic
Ilona Andrews

…kind of…

You know that part in “Magic Gifts” where we learn that Raphael has some new 7 foot tall Amazonian Bimbo for a girlfriend and Andrea… doesn’t take it well?  Well I like to image that she went home and put together a playlist on her iPod (which she doesn’t have because they were never invented) of songs that weren’t written because technology left the world cramping the recording industry’s style that she’d play while painting her claws pink.  Or cleaning her guns, which is far more likely.

(I’m linking the playlist first because when I try to embed a playlist it ends in tragedy)

First and foremost:
What I Am – Will I Am
This song is dedicated to Andrea by my daughter who thinks that Andrea should be proud of her beastkin heritage.  Ok… maybe not… maybe my not quite two year old just loves this song and is constantly stealing our smartphones so she can watch this “song again”  (that’s a direct quote)

Stronger – Kelly Clarkson
I like to imagine that Andrea starts out focusing less on how much of a little B she thinks Raphael is at the moment, and more on herself. So I like to think she’d start off the list with Stronger by Kelly Clarkson.

Yeah… that upbeat spin doesn’t last so long… and she probably actually skips over stronger right quick to get to the meat of the playlist:

You Oughta Know – Alanis Morissette
The standard by which all other angry break up songs are measured. And found wanting.

Everything about You – Ugly Kid Joe

Song for the Dumped – Ben Folds Five

Call me When You’re Sober – Evanescence

There you go – P!nk

Gunpowder and Lead – Miranda Lambert

I Hate Love Songs – GWAR
(funny story, this is what I sing way to loud when I am mad at Phin)

I Fucking Hate You – Godsmack

99 Problems – Jay-Z

Love Stinks – J. Geils Band

Far Behind – Social D

Beer – Reel Big Fish

Thanks to Barn and Cord for their help. And an even bigger thanks to Phin for not only helping, but for never making me need these songs. I less than three you.

Paranormal Itch
Paranormal Itch
Paranormal Itch

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