NEWS: Pure Textuality Announces ‘The Indie Author Spotlight’

Good morning readers!  I have been waiting and waiting to announce this while we work diligently on building the schedule and it’s finally here!!!  Beginning August 1st, Pure Textuality is happy to present The Indie Author Spotlight!!


We created a questionnaire for indie and small press authors to fill out and we had a great response!!  As of right now, we have a grand total of 40 authors who are signed up and have been assigned dates.  However, we are still accepting authors.  So, if you are an indie author (or small press), fill out the form below and we will happily send you the questionnaire to fill out.  

Speaking of the list of dates, here are the super fabulous Indie Authors you can look forward to reading about and the date their spotlight is being published:

August 1, 2012 Shiloh Walker / JC Daniels
August 2, 2012 Debra Martin
August 3, 2012 A.P. Stephens
August 4, 2012 Darcy Town
August 5, 2012 Ty Johnston
August 6, 2012 Rebecca Hamilton
August 7, 2012 Matt Larkin
August 8, 2012 Joseph Lallo
August 9, 2012 Jason Halstead
August 10, 2012 Kendra Saunders
August 11, 2012 Dannika Dark
August 12, 2012 Alicia Ryan
August 13, 2012 Claude Nougat
August 14, 2012 Michelle Davidson Argyle
August 15, 2012 Michelle Mutto
August 16, 2012 Jodine Turner
August 17, 2012 Laura A H Elliott
August 18, 2012 Liz Long
August 19, 2012 Melissa Pearl
August 20, 2012 Patti Larsen
August 21, 2012 RB Wood
August 22, 2012 Shalini Boland
August 23, 2012 Suzy Turner
August 24, 2012 TG Ayer
August 25, 2012 Ginny Lurcock
August 26, 2012 Amber Lynn Natusch
August 27, 2012 Beth Dolgner
August 28, 2012 LM Pruitt
August 29, 2012 Robert Thornhill
August 30, 2012 Sonya Watson
August 31, 2012 Kendall Grey
September 1, 2012 Rachel Coles
September 2, 2012 TR Graves
September 3, 2012 Tina Folsom
September 4, 2012 Connie Suttle
September 5, 2012 Shannon Morton
September 6, 2012 Brian Rowe
September 7, 2012 Richard Bard
September 8, 2012 Corey Guerra
September 9, 2012 Cindy Swanson

We are looking forward to hosting the spotlight!  This will give all those indie and small press authors a moment to shine.  🙂

Submit your info and we will send you the questionnaire!

Thanks and I hope to see you all there!!!


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