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Message from Jena:

Today’s nominee is one that I have kept quiet because I was afraid that people would think that the only reason she’s being nominated is because I have become friends with her.  I assure you, that’s not the case.  All nominees in The Texties are nominated because they deserve it for one thing or another.  Amber deserves it for quite a few reasons.

Back in November 2011, I had something happen that I never expected.  Pure Textuality was still VERY young, I was a one man team and I was lucky if I got 50 hits per day.  I was determined to make PT work without putting any crazy advertising money in out of pocket.  That’s what social networking is for, right?  Well, that day, the social networking fairies came through.

I was obsessively checking my site stats as I always id when all of a sudden, it spiked in a huge way.  Every time I hit refresh, the hits weren’t jumping by one or two, the were jumping by ninety or one hundred.  I had no clue what was going on.  Then I got an e-mail.

Indie author Amber Lynn Natusch e-mailed me saying that she saw my address in Anne Rice’s post and wanted to know if I would be willing to review her debut novel, Caged.  I was typing back my response, accepting the book because it was definitely right up my alley when I stopped.  Anne Rice’s post???  I asked her about it and she informed me that Anne Rice had posted a link to my site.  I was psyched.

From that day forward, Amber and I e-mailed back and forth regularly.  I read Caged and was instantly ENTHRALLED.  I.  Loved.  This. Book.  I told every Kindle user I knew about the book.  It was a great story.   And it was unique.  A werewolf book DARING to come into being in the midst of an all out vampire craze.  Although it was still supernatural in theme, it was not what was selling.  A daring move for any urban fantasy/paranormal romance author.

We began talking about the book regularly.  What I liked, what I didn’t like.  Then we started talking a lot about her experience as an indie author.  I had been toying with the idea of finishing a long-ago shelved book that I had started writing and with the self publishing boom, I realized that I might actually have a chance.

Amber is not only a talented writer, she’s turned out to be a very good friend and support system for anyone else that has the ambition to write.  Aside from myself, she’s a big push of encouragement for our very own Ginny Lurcock, who has about a billion different writing projects always going through her head.  She’s a very talented writer who has a very promising career.  We just need to get her published.  Amber is all about it.  She’s constantly pushing Ginny to keep moving forward.

Then there’s Amanda Zabski.  Amanda is one of Amber’s editing team and she’s Amber’s “wall” (a person to bounce ideas off of) and when it came time for Amanda to publish her debut novel, Amber was the picture of a supportive friend and fellow indie author.  The self publishing industry is so often snubbed because “anyone can publish any old thing” and it’s good to have friends like her there.  She is always willing to give you honest feedback and offer up little snippits of advice based on her own experience.

Since I met Amber, she’s published two more books in the Caged series – Caged (1), Haunted (2) and Framed (3).  Scarred (4) is due to be released on September 24th and having already snagged a look see at it, I can tell you that if you’re a fan of the series, you’re going to LOVE Scarred. 

She’s managed to do what I set out to do with Pure Textuality – become a hit with little to no advertising expense.  She’s a successful self published author due to her sheer talent alone and I admire her for that.

With a common love of books (both hers and mutually respected authors), she, Ginny and I have formed a friendship and writer’s support system that involves talk of writing, publishing and punching people in the face.  If you know the three of personally, you would totally understand that last bit. 

I have since moved in to the full swing of writing my novel and I hope to follow Amber’s example.  She’s been a fantastic writing asset and inspires me to be a better writer. 

Message from Ginny:

She bought me dinner…
Oh you’re totally going to make me get all emotional aren’t you?  Seriously, you suck…
When I first started corresponding with Amber I felt… well… awkward.  I hadn’t exactly loved the beginning of Caged and I hadn’t exactly kept that a secret.  At some point though, when I wasn’t looking that “I’m not worthy” finally slipped away and we became friends.  I mean, I’m still not worthy, but now I can name drop.  “What, the writer of Caged?  Oh yeah, she’s totally going to beta my novella and give me some notes.”  (That’s a real thing btw… and doesn’t that just scare the poop out of me.) 
The thing about Amber is she is honestly such a nice person that sometimes it makes me sick.  She’s more than willing to help out friends in need, whether that need is a friendly shoulder, some sage advice, or a tough love style kick in the pants. 
Oh, and the fact that she writes better than I do makes me want to punch her in the face.  But only if she’s REALLY drunk, I’ve disabled her car, and mine’s already running.


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Caged Series #3

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5 thoughts on “MEME: The Texties – Amber Lynn Natusch (@AmberLNatusch)

  1. You guys are too funny! Thanks so much for the nod. It’s always appreciated. i try to live my life by treating others the way that I want to be treated. I didn’t have a mentor when I first started off in this wild ride of publishing, so it feels good to give others a hand where I didn’t have one. What I DID have was a group of amazing friends who were willing to do whatever they could to support me, and I’ve always been very vocal about that and extremely grateful. i feel fortunate to add you both to that roster of amazing supporters. Many will read this post and think that you did it because we’ve become friends. Maybe…maybe not. The reality is that you were fans before we were friends. The friends was just an added bonus for me. I’m excited to help support you both in your publishing efforts, and honored that you look to me for advice of any kind (not that I’m always the best resource). There is plenty of limelight to share in the publishing world, and I think people succeed more when they endeavor to help others do the same. You both do that, so I have no doubt that when the time comes, you’ll both be wildly successful as Indie authors 🙂
    …and Ginny…if you’re thinking of punching me, I’d highly suggest you not only have the car running, but also have a getaway driver at the ready. I’m a pretty fast sprinter, and that’s when I’m NOT motivated 😉
    Thanks again, ladies!

  2. Since we’re sharing stories about how wonderful Amber was, she’s been an amazing supporter of my work on the Skyfall Trilogy. Our mutual friend Susan Ee introduced us, and since then Amber’s been happy to share advice, a friendly ear, and even some help marketing (not my strong suit).

    And yeah, I think it’s easy to become friends with fans. Most friendships are built on common tastes, and obviously we like our own stories or we wouldn’t have written them. So if someone else likes them, chances are good we’ll like other things they like.

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