MEME: The Cover Story – Gifted by Liz Long (@lizclong )

Welcome to The Cover Story!

This week, we will be taking a look at
by Liz Long

I know they say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but as I spent over an hour adding 30ish books to my Goodreads last Saturday because of their covers and/or authors, I beg to differ.

As I’ve said previously, I picked up “Gifted” by Liz Long after reading Heather’s review and not winning the giveaway, but really it wasn’t quite that simple. The extended version looks something more like this:

Heather posts her review: Huh, that’s a neat cover
I read Heather’s review: Huh, that sounds like a neat story, I’ll enter to win it.
Heather’s review is posted on Pure Textuality: Huh, that’s still a neat cover.
I see the cover on Goodreads
I see the cover on Twitter
I see the cover on Amazon

That’s it, I’m buying this book.

I actually didn’t even wait for the contest to end, and it was because of the damn cover. Ok, it was because of the fire on the cover. (Which I will blame on being an Aries because I’m not even a little bit of a pyro *shifty*) Computer generated fire can be done really poorly, but in the case of the “Gifted” cover you have the illusion that if you’re not looking directly at it, the flames will actually dance. (seriously, I’ve spent the past 20 minutes treating this image like it was the weeping angels on Doctor Who… one of these times I’m going catch it moving…)

Topping off the flames (literally) is a circus tent with the title in a whimsical font (appropriately named circus which I know since it happens to be one of my favorites) that’s a nice shade of blue and cream. Which is partially my way of geeking out over fonts, and partially my way of thanking my lucky stars that this cover skipped all the new adults stereotype.

Good show Liz Long, good show.

And because I talk to Liz Long (name drop) I asked her for her thoughts on the cover:

My best friend Erica did the cover (fo’ free I might add)–she has BA in graphic design. I adore my cover. Going in I knew it had to have main themes–fire and circus. I searched istock photos, found hands on fire. She added blue near palms + did everything else! I picked a few fonts she narrowed down + went through 3 or 4 drafts before hitting that cover. Took a couple weeks. And TONS of compliments!! I’m so thrilled others love the cover as much as I do!!

Get your copy of “Gifted” here!
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  1. Reblogged this on Liz Long and commented:
    I wanted to share Ginny’s post on why she picked up my book–turns out it was the eye-catching cover! (I must be doing something right!) Thanks so much Ginny and Pure Textuality!!

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