Wooooo boy, this team is getting huge!  I am happy to announce that Pure Textuality has another fabulous addition to the team!!  Everyone, take a moment to welcome Eryn!!

Read on to hear what she has to say about herself! 




Good Jesus! This is my ninth layer of Hell come to life.  I feel like I was just thrust onstage to the sound of nothingness, mingled with crickets, and there I am gawking at the spotlight.  Needless to say, I hate this introduction crap, but here goes.

My name is Eryn, and just like my name I am rather unique, if I do say so myself.  In my professional life I manage cancer research studies, am involved in both state and local snowmobile club workings, and do a little creative content editing for author friends when needed.  In my personal life, I am eclectic as the day is long.  I adore classical violin concertos; could give Tim Gunn of Project Runway a ginormous hug if I ever meet him; have a fondness for ball gowns, tiaras, rugby, tattoos, hand guns, and motorcycles.  (I can only imagine the mental picture that just invoked in your mind’s eye!)

My bookshelves are a hodge-podge of writers, a serious mixed bag, ranging from serious reads like Dying Well by Dr. Ira Byock to The Portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde to The Book of Lost Tales by J.R. Tolken.  Upon further review, it appears that the majority of my shelf space is comprised of works by: Anne Rice, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child; Elizabeth Peters; Cassandra Clare; P. C. and Kristin Cast; and Hunter S. Thompson.

The piece that I hold dear to my heart is by the military genius Sun Tzu, and, is the immortal “Art of War”.  This work, if taken out of military context and applied to the general moral being of everyday life, is key to a person establishing a fair and just mind, body, and soul.  It holds the power for success, you just need to learn to adapt the lessons and apply them to your way of living.