MEMES: Hump Day Harlots – Scarlet from the Just Breathe series

This week’s Hump Day Harlot is Scarlet from the Just Breathe series!

I’ve long been of the belief that if women truly want equality from men, we’re going to have to stop being so catty and bitchy towards each other and work together. That really, we’re being our own worst enemy here. Yeah, apparently Scarlet did not get that memo. Or maybe she did and decided that for kicks she’d do the exact opposite of what I’d suggested.

Seriously, bitch is crazy. And that’s being generous. There are moments when you might think she’s not so bad or maybe you feel for her a bit since you know that there was some kind of something that happened in her past to make her so bonkers, and then she pulls another stunt and all those warm fuzzies go away.

Don’t believe me? There is a moment in “Exhale” where she pulls something so heinous and violates Zoe so completely that I’m shocked karma doesn’t reach through the pages to strike her down. And then, because that wasn’t bad enough, she pulls a similar scheme with a similar yet totally different violation that may just break Zoe all together. Actually, it just might break Gavin too.

It’s not odd for there to be one character in a series that is all things evil, but it is rare for it not only be female, but to get such an intimate look at the character. (Or maybe it’s not and I’m just reading the wrong books.) As a fyre she feeds off lust and aggression, so it makes her a prime example of that god-awful slutwhoreofdoom who does everything she can to set the women’s movement back generations while pushing herself ahead. She really is a harlot. Actually, no, she’s one of those C words.

Oh Scarlet, you really are the number one psychotic ex-girlfriend bad girl, and I happily give you a thumbs down for all the right reasons.

Wait… what?

What I mean to say is that Scarlet is an awesome character you’ll love to hate. Or, in my case, would love to drown in a bird bath. Complete with bird poop. Or maybe all bird poop.

And that would still be too nice of an end for her.

Want to see Scarlet in action?

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Paranormal Itch
Paranormal Itch

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