RANDOMS: Ilona Andrews Mission

I don’t know if any of our readers have figured it out yet, but Ginny and I huge Ilona Andrews fans. We’re just NOT very good ones. If you happen to glance at all the reviews we’ve done, there is NOT ONE for Ilona Andrews. Thus, we have determined, as fans, we suck big time. Now we are on a mission to redeem ourselves as fans. As time permits, we will be reviewing all the Ilona Andrews books as our penitence. (Yeah, like that is really a punishment, lol) Well, not really a downside to re-reading all the books. Actually I’m quite enjoying it. Does that still make me a bad fan?


I’ve got the first review ready to go. We’re doing the Kate Daniels Series first (where else would you start?). However, instead of reviewing them in order of publication, we’re trying to do them based on the books timeline. Sure hope we don’t screw that up too. The first review will be the short story, A Questionable Client (Kate Daniels prequel). If you want to read along with us, feel free and enjoy. A Questionable Client can be found in the anthology, Dark and Stormy Knights edited by P. N. Elrod and first published in August 2010 or in Magic Graves published as an e-book in September 2011.

So let the Ilona Andrews reading and reviewing begin!!


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