BOOKSTORE FEATURE by Dolly: McKay Used Books (@Fidget78)


Recently my hubby and I took a mini vacation.  On the way back, we stopped to see our youngest son who lives in Knoxville, TN.  You parents our there ever wonder where your children spend their money and constantly need more.  Well, I found out what my son does with his.  (In his defense, he has gotten better about managing his money) 




We were a bit early for our dinner reservation and Adam in his wisdom wanted to take us to a used book store.  Does he know his Mom or what?  He even had some enticing words for his Dad, they also have other stuff like LPs, DVDs and video games.  Of course the video games was Adam’s draw but believe it or not he has started collecting “real records”.  Is this a new trend?


I know, get on with it.  I was expecting what I normally see in used book stores that my kids want to take me to.  Dark, smelly, unorganized chaos.  Not really.  I can’t say I’ve ever been in a bad bookstore, well, mainly because, you guessed it, THEY HAVE BOOKS!!


They parking lot at McKay Used Books CDs DVDs & More was packed.  It was a very large parking lot too.  I was totally amazed when we walked inside.  The outside does not do it justice.  It looked fairly small and unassuming.  It wasn’t.  Two stories of very well organized merchandise.  One half of the first floor was books and audio books.  A reader’s paradise.  They had categories and some of the category shelves were just listed by best selling authors.  I was so tempted but hubby bought me a Kindle for a reason.  No space for more books.  (Except for the ones I sneak in when he’s not around).  He was watching too closely, just kidding. 


If you enjoy people watching, this is the place.  While I was browsing, I watched an employee dressed in a frilly dress, black leggings, killer boots, a vintage sweater and exceptionally cool pink ruffled gloves restocking the shelves.  Interesting.


If you happen to be in my corner of the world (Tennessee), look for McKay Used Books, CDs, DVDs & More in Chattanooga, Knoxville or Nashville.  Check out their website for more info at:


I’ve included a few pictures of the Knoxville store. 







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